We Are Evolving!

By Horoscope.com

On April 11, 2017

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We Are Evolving!

Hello, Lovelies!

I’m Genevieve, a Capricorn through-and-through, and the new editor of Horoscope.com. It’s so nice to meet you. As the super-attuned souls that you are, no doubt you’ve noticed some changes taking place around here—again!—and I’m excited to tell you all about them.  

In February, we re-launched with a pretty new design (thanks a million for your feedback, by the way; every comment we receive helps us make the site more intuitive and user-friendly, and we hope you’re noticing the results.)

Today, we are thrilled to unveil some unique new features—and a brand new mission. Of course, we will continue to bring you the addictive games, quizzes, tarot offerings, and spooky-accurate daily horoscopes that have made us the largest provider of astrology readings in the world. But now there’s more—and we’re aiming high. We want no less than to be your home base on your quest to become your most magical, compassionate, evolutionary, abundance-attracting, happiness-radiating selves.

Because that’s what this life is all about. And the beauty is, you already know it—or you wouldn’t be here! As a searcher and a dreamer, you already know there’s so much more to life than we see on the surface. You probably even know that, as you look to the cosmos for guidance, you are looking to yourself; everything in your body, like everything you can see around you, is made up of atoms—remnants of the ancient collapsed stars that formed the world and All That Is.

So, you crazy-beautiful star-children, you can see why we think you deserve, well, everything. That’s why we decided to create a space that will help you be your highest self in every aspect of your life.

In our new Inspiration section, we bring you five new channels: Spirit, Style, Success, Sun, and Sex. And at the helm of each, you’ll find no less than a Goddess, a guardian angel, here to help you evolve to your infinite potential, from the heart out.

Each Monday, in Spirit, the mystical force known as Gala Darling will share her secrets to living a more connected, divine, heart-centered existence.

Tuesdays, in Style, the fashion savant Ruby Warrington will show you how to live a life both meaningful and fabulous by merging, in her words, “style and soul, beauty and bliss, karma and cool.”  

Wednesdays, in Success, master life coach Cara Alwill Leyba will guide you toward becoming the CEO of your universe—champagne glass in hand!

Thursdays, in Sun, globetrotting adventuress Oneika Raymond will share the best vacation destinations and far-flung spiritual traditions for explorers journeying toward a deeper understanding of the world, and what connects us all.

And Fridays, in Sex, the luminous healer Alexandra Roxo will be acquainting you with the sexy, irresistible, radiant, satisfied being that you were born to be.

No matter where you are on your path to world-expanding Awesomeness, I have no doubt that the truly remarkable Horoscope.com Goddesses will touch your soul, expand your heart, and stretch your horizons ever-outward. I can’t wait for us to take this exciting first step together!
Star power!

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