5 Types of Spirit Guides

By Ellen Ricks

On March 10, 2022

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5 Types of Spirit Guides

Spirits are all around us, whether you can see them or feel them. They are guiding hand that moves our Tarot cards when we need advice. It’s the little voice that tells us not to do something. It’s the symbols that constantly show up around us, from a repeating number to certain animals. This spiritual presence comes from our spirit guide. Whether you call them angels, ancestors, or something else, different types of spirit guides can help us navigate our world. 

What Is A Spirit Guide? 

Spirit guides are non-physical entities that act as our guide and protector to help us navigate this journey through life. They can show up in various forms: from a deceased loved one, to an angel, to even a beloved pet. Some cultures believe that spirits guides have been assigned to you before you were born. Others believe that spirit guides enter and leave your life at different points, depending on what you need. Whatever the case may be, spirit guides are here to help you by using their divine wisdom and experience. 

Spirit guides are a vital part of many indigenous culture spiritual practices, especially in Africa and the Americas. Various religions also have their versions of spirit guides. It’s important to learn about the types of spirit guides so you appreciate and respect them. Let’s look at five different types of spirit guides. 

  1. Guardian Angels 

Guardian angels are a type of angel assigned to protect you throughout this life. If you’re walking down the street and a car almost hits you, you may say that your guardian angel pulled you out of harm’s way. 

  1. Ancestors 

Many cultures and spiritual practices believe that our ancestors often act as our spiritual guides, working to protect and guide us. Ancestors can range from a recently departed grandparent to a relative from multiple generations back. Our ancestors often try to help us succeed in this life and overcome major challenges. 

  1. Spirit Animals 

There has been a lot of ~buzz~ around the term “spirit animal” over the past few years, from its overuse in internet memes to its backlash, as people have culturally appropriated the term. In essence, a spirit animal is an animal guide here to help you, like the spirit of a beloved pet. It can also be an animal that shows up repeatedly in your life, like a sparrow. However, it’s important to be mindful about how you use this word. Remember, actual animals that have an important meaning to you are spirit animals, not celebrities. 

  1. Archetypical or Symbolic Guides 

Guides don’t have to be angels or the spirit of someone you loved. Spirit guides can also be archetypical figures to help guide you through certain parts of your life. For example, if you’re working on your degree, your spirit guide could take the form of a scholar to help you reach your potential. 

  1. Ascended Masters 

An ascended master is a being who has gone through all of their karmic lessons and has become the highest evolved spiritual being. They now use this wisdom to help others. Ascended Masters come from all types of religions, including Buddha, Jesus, and Kali, among others. 


How many spirit guides do we have? 

There is no limit to how many spirit guides a person can have. You can have one; you could have a dozen. You may even have a different number of guides at different points in your life.

Does everyone have a spirit guide? 

Yes, everyone has at least one spirit guide, though it’s not uncommon to have more than one, or even a team of guides. 

What is my spirit guide? 

A spirit guide is a non-physical entity that can take on various forms. You can discover who or what your spirit guide is by visiting a medium, a reiki healer, or doing a spirit-guide card reading

What do my spirit guides look like? 

A spirit guide can take on various forms and shapes: They could look like an aura of light, an owl, or they can even resemble your grandmother. You might not even see them at all. Ask a medium or reiki healer to give you a description of your guide’s appearance. 

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