Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

By Stephanie N. Campos

On February 27, 2022

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Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Looking for some spiritual guidance? Connect with your spirit guides or angels by using this easy Tarot card reading. Making contact with your spirit guides or angels can feel challenging at first. Using the tool of Tarot is a wonderful way to establish a connection and start looking for signs and symbols from your otherworldly team.

Here are a few tips on how to talk with the spirits in your life using Tarot and a Tarot spread to get started.

Can You Talk to Spirits with Tarot Cards?

It is absolutely possible to connect with spirits or your spirit guides with Tarot cards. Each card has a history of depth and symbolism that extends beyond the earthly realm. These symbols and their corresponding magic allow us to piece together and tell a story based on what the Tarot cards reveal.

“The cards are a channel for energy, so if you set your intention to tap into a certain frequency, you can call in specific spirits or entities,” intuitive Tarot reader Taylor Boyd says. There are many ways to communicate with spirits, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience, all gifts that Boyd has and uses to communicate with their spiritual team. Tarot offers a bridge for those who are newer to developing their psychic muscles and chops, and Boyd adds it can be helpful “to use Tarot for a more grounded way to channel their messages or signs.” 

Building up a relationship with your spirit guides and team is critical. This is a devotional practice and it’s important to be mindful that it doesn’t happen overnight. “I would say trust is the most important thing,” Boyd says. “Oftentimes we aren’t taught to trust our intuition or how to access our divine support team so building a relationship with your guides takes time.”

If your goal is to use Tarot as a communication tool, focusing on nurturing your intuition will be important throughout this process. The cards have standard interpretations and that provides a solid foundation for interpreting the messages that come through. But adding in some other intuitive practice of meditation, journaling, and breathwork can all assist you on your spiritual journey. “Trust that your guides will always lead you to the cards or answers that you need in the moment, even if it’s sometimes not what you wanna hear,” Boyd adds with a laugh. 

Spirit Guide Spread

Use this spirit guide Tarot spread to establish a connection with your spiritual team. Pay close attention to the messages you receive. Journaling after a reading is a fruitful practice that can serve as a powerful way to keep track of the symbols and synchronicities that arise within a reading and show up after.

  1. A card to represent which of your guides is coming through
  2. A message your guide has for you
  3. A pattern I need to leave in the past
  4. Where should I shift my focus?
  5. Resources along the way
  6. Advice on how to cultivate a connection with my guides


How do you contact your spirit guide?

There are many practices and tools available to get in touch with your guides. Engaging in consistent meditation practices, tending to an altar, and channeling messages via automatic writing are a few ways to engage your spiritual team. With the breadth and wealth of symbols interwoven into the Tarot, using this tool to talk with your guides can feel immediately rewarding. You’re able to pick up on clues and downloads right in front of your eyes.

“Using Tarot cards can be a great way to anchor and ground a connection with spirits and guides,” Taylor Ursula, Tarot reader, astrologer and creative behind the captivating PORTALS deck, says. When making contact, Ursula advises to “start with simple, clarifying questions so that you can get a sense of who you are communicating with and what type of influence they want to have with you.” Be mindful and careful in the process, though, Ursula adds that it’s important to remember that “not all spirits have our best intention at heart.” Your discernment will be key throughout this process. Do your best to maintain a healthy, energetic frequency when using your Tarot cards to channel. Practicing psychic protection is a must for anyone interested in dabbling with the Otherside. 

Can anyone read Tarot cards?

Yes! It’s possible for anyone to read Tarot cards.

Much like any other skill, repetition, reflection and commitment go a long way. “Tarot is a learned storytelling practice,” Ursula says, “but often begins as an intuitive exploration of symbols and images that anyone can step up to and engage with.” Keeping a Tarot journal as you begin to familiarize yourself with the cards and their meanings is a great way to strengthen your bond with your deck. Sleeping with your deck under your pillow is also a wonderful way for your deck’s energy to sync with your energetic frequency over time. 

“Tarot is an energy that doesn’t require anything other than a respect of the practice,” Taylor Boyd says. “It’s also especially cool because you can dive into Tarot as little or as much as you like and still get something from it.” As a psychic tool, Tarot can provide a magical portal for “self-reflection, and a way to start communicating with the universe,” Boyd adds. Your access to the Otherside is available at your fingertips.

What’s the difference between spirit guides and angels?

The difference between spirit guides and angels is a very personal question. Everyone has their own interpretation and understanding of these types of beings. Standard definitions of spirit guides often note that they are a soul that’s reached a certain level of evolution on their journey. They’ve reached a level of consciousness where they are now able to use that wisdom and experience to help and guide others. Spirit guides can be someone you knew in this life, a prior life, or maybe you’ve never met them before.

Angels are described in so many ways in different spiritual traditions. Some believe there is a hierarchy of angels who offer healing and guidance when we need it most. A more personal version of an angel can be someone in your life who has crossed over the Otherside. 

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