Quiz: Is My Partner My Twin Flame?

By Katie Robinson

On November 11, 2020

In Astrology, Horoscope

Quiz: Is My Partner My Twin Flame?

What is a twin flame? And how can you tell whether you’re in a twin flame relationship? Well, twin flame signs aren’t as straightforward as you might think. In fact, it might surprise some of you to know that twin flames are completely different from soul mates.

If you can’t tell the difference, we’ve got the perfect solution. Find out whether you and your partner have a twin flame relationship based on our twin flame test below.

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Twin Flame Quiz

The first time you met your partner…

a. The conversation and vibe were both comfortable.

b. You fell in love.

c. You felt as though you had already known one another for years.

d. They were a mystery to you.

Your partner frequents your dreams.

a. Sometimes

b. Never

c. Always

d. Rarely

Your relationship has always been seamless.

a. We’re so in sync!

b. Ups and downs like any other couple

c. The highs are really high and the lows are really low.

d. It’s mostly seamless.

How would you describe your attraction to one another?

a. Super hot

b. Secure

c. Relentlessly magnetic

d. Undeniable

You text or call each other at the same time.  

a. Sometimes!

b. Once, I think…

c. All the time

d. Oh that’s happened a couple times.

Dates can feel like…

a. Thrilling

b. Depends on the date

c. Déjà vu

d. Like dates

After being with them, you’ve mostly learned…

a. What love is

b. All sorts of stuff

c. About yourself

d. About relationships


Twin Flame Quiz Answers

twin flames

Photo courtesy of Pexels; Jonathan Borba

Mostly As… Could be!

Your relationship sounds like it’s an adventure every day. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s lusty, and loving. That’s all great! And while twin flame partnerships are quite sexual and passionate, they do also offer some puncturing love lessons—which makes them a little deeper than most relationships. This one sounds like a good time, but it doesn’t sound karmic.

Mostly Bs… Definitely not.

Your relationship seems incredibly stable and secure—which is a great thing! However, twin flame relationships are notoriously volatile and intense. It’s like riding a wild roller coaster through your heart: Up, down, spin around… Because of that, twin flame relationships are often toxic. So, good for you for having a healthy relationship!

Mostly Cs… YES.

There’s a difference between being “in sync” and being “one” with someone else. Twin flames are two souls who have been split apart and have found one another again in this life. So, meeting a twin flame isn’t just passionate—it’s also immediate. And that’s because you’re basically meeting yourself. This is a bit like looking in the mirror, and if we don’t like what’s reflected, we may act out or run away. It’s for that reason that early twin flame relationships can be toxic if one or both parties aren’t ready to face their true selves.

Mostly Ds… Probably not.

This seems like your average relationship. You two are learning about one another and working together to be the best versions of yourself. It’s a great place to be! But twin flame partnerships add a bit more zest (and insane drama) to the dynamic than what this relationship poses. And that’s not a bad thing! Who wants drama anyway?

Lead photo courtesy of Pexels; Avonne Stalling

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