This Crystal Will Make You Powerful AF


On April 25, 2018

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This Crystal Will Make You Powerful AF

Crystal expert Margaux Perrier shares the crystal that can help shore up your bravery — just in time to confront Pluto retrograde.

Generally, I have clients who ask for guidance when all feels wrong in their world and it just seems like a collapsing domino effect in a less than favorable direction. I work with them to regain balance and create stability to work out how they can keep themselves feeling more secure and less defeated during turbulent times, and tend to nudge them in one of two directions, based on which one they resonate with and feel more drawn to.

Black tourmaline is ultimately regarded as the most powerful stone for building a protective barrier against negative energy. It is extremely grounding and keeps you feeling firmly planted to the Earth despite whatever chaos surrounds you. Oftentimes, for those who feel more empathic and sensitive to absorbing surrounding energies, Black Tourmaline can be helpful in blocking out any psychic attack or energetic residue that may be weighing you down. It has the ability to transmute heaviness, which means it turns dense energies into a lighter, more positive vibration which serves you better and leaves you feeling less drained. Typically, aside from meditating with this stone, we choose to carry it in our pocket, purse, keep a piece in our car, or set it above the entryway doorframe to shield against unwanted incoming energies.


Black tourmaline stone, $6


Obsidian is a form of molten lava, often referred to as a type of volcanic glass, and is an intense stone beneficial for cutting cords and creating boundaries. It can clear clouded thoughts so that you feel mentally refreshed and focused, allowing you to tap into your subconscious mind to encourage self-discovery for processing and releasing any pent-up negativity. Obsidian instills a warrior mentality within you, so that you feel empowered to challenge and objectify negative people or situations instead of feeling helpless like things are happening to you or you need to succumb to them. It is a stone of no limitations with endless power that creates awareness and understanding of the self.


As a universal rule in life, it’s important for us to create a protective barrier around ourselves, not so that we can keep others out or lock ourselves in, but so we can recognize what it feels like to instill boundaries to remain in our personal power and not dispense it aimlessly. Typically, in the past I have been a very “give it all away” person, lending my energy and services freely as I go in every direction without questioning who I’m giving it to or wondering the position it’s going to leave me in. At some point, I had to stop and ask myself, “Who is going to be there for me?” When you perpetually send your energy outward, feeding a bottomless pit where it does not serve you or anyone else, there’s very little left to fill your own cup. So it’s important to pause, take a breath and think, who is going to be there for you? Who do you have when all your energy has run out? You need to be there for yourself first and foremost, to give yourself the strength and confidence, before you can run around sending it all out to the world. We are all vessels, absorbing and transforming and transmuting energies—we can’t help but pick things up along the way, especially those of us living in big bustling cities. At some point, we inevitably feel drained as though we just don’t have any energy left for ourselves at the end of the day, and that’s where we need to instill these practices of self-preservation, without feeling guilty or selfish about it. Channel your focus inward. Love yourself first. Prioritize your own personal energy and create healthy boundaries to protect yourself before you wreck yourself. These crystals are just the tools to help get you there.


Margaux Perrier is a writer, jewelry designer, and creative. Find her on Instagram @perrierlikethewater.


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