The Tarot Deck That Will Change Your Life Is…


On October 5, 2017

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The Tarot Deck That Will Change Your Life Is…

When it comes to the tarot, there are as many decks as there are personality types. Many aficionados keep multiple decks and choose between them depending on their mood, the questions they have, or who they’re reading for. While most tarot decks are derived from the mother of all decks, the Rider-Waite (a great one for beginners), each has its own unique flavor, and the right deck is the one that leaps out at you as the most beautiful, inspiring, or magical. In fact, the deck you’re drawn to can give valuable clues into what your subconscious needs right now. Better get ready, the tarot can be addictive! Once you have one deck you love, you’ll find there’s always room in your life for another. The tarot also can make an amazing gift (in fact, some practitioners say a gifted deck is more effective than a deck you’ve purchased for yourself)!  

Read on for some of our favorite tarot decks to consider for yourself or your favorite seeker. And stay tuned next week for our top ten oracle decks. (What’s an oracle deck? While a tarot deck follows the Rider-Waite structure and tends to feature the same characters—including death, the fool, and the magician—an oracle deck can have any number of cards and may have different characters. An oracle deck may be connected to one theme, or may be designed for answering certain questions.) 

10 Great Tarot Decks for Every Kind of Seeker

1. The Wild Unknown Tarot, $29
Mystical-woodsy drawings by artist Kim Krans make this iconic deck a favorite of many professional readers, and the 28-page accompanying guide can make it an ideal choice for beginners as well. 

2. Fairy Tarot, $15
Those who love fairies will fly to this deck created by angel expert Doreen Virtue to help you “wear your invisible crown”—and find your life purpose.

3. The Druid Craft Tarot, $14
This deck loosely draws from Druid myths for anyone craving a closer connection with Mother Nature and the seasons.

4. Shadowscapes Tarot, $13
These dreamy pastel cards blend Asian, Celtic, and fantasy themes. A deck sure to send your imagination, and inspiration, soaring. 

5. MotherPeace Tarot,  $22
These unusual round cards celebrate thousands of years of women’s culture—and feminine energy in all forms. 

6. The Fountain Tarot, $36
A new tarot deck on the scene, these contemporary illustrations are down to earth and ideal for people (like Virgos!) who like some practicality with their magic. 

7. Oceanic Tarot, $16
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will especially gravitate toward this gorgeous, ocean-inspired deck. 

8. The Good Tarot, $15
With larger-than-average cards and mesmerizing illustrations, this tarot-oracle hybrid is perfect for readers who love to meditate on a single card.

9. Monstarot Tarot, $55
This playful deck is designed to captivate and draw out your inner child for help with answering the big questions in life!

10. The Linstrider Tarot, $24
Linestriding is about walking the line between two realities. Artist Siolo Thompson’s woodland-themed Linestrider deck has one foot in the world of magic and the other in the world of logic, to help you find answers about health, love, career, and money. 

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