The Crazy Thing That Happened When I Energy Cleansed My House

By abanicki

On May 9, 2018

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The Crazy Thing That Happened When I Energy Cleansed My House

What is a house energy cleansing, you ask? Or what some of my friends have asked, wait how did this energy thing bring PEACOCKS to your home?

Yeah, let’s start with the house. What does it mean to get your house energy cleansed? I’ll admit I was quite curious myself and put off the “cleaning” a few times as it seemed a little useless to me.

It was described to me as a process where someone who specializes in clearing energy – seeing spirit or darkness or energy blocks or vortexes in your space that need to be unblocked – can unblock them for you or tell you what you can do to help cleanse the darkness. When I had some strange dreams about my house, I figured it was probably time to give it a try. Best case, I get a cleared house with magical energy and open up my channel to give even better tarot readings! Worst case, I get a good story to share about a weird experience. I’m pretty sure I got WAY MORE than best case with Christine Machiraju.

Let me start by telling you about my house! Almost exactly one year ago, we moved into this magical space. I knew I had to have it the minute we walked on the property and a hummingbird met us at the car. It was way outside my budget and with 77 stairs up to the doorstep, not ideal with a baby on the way. But the stars aligned, including the landlord dropping the rent and we got the place! And our little Charlotte decided it was so perfect that she came out, 11 days early to move into our treehouse in Laurel Canyon with us.

And now a year later, I still love the place. But lately, I’ve been having weird dreams and waking up in the night feeling a little scared. And listen, I may read tarot but I don’t see things. I don’t see spirits. In this case, I just felt something was off. And Charlotte seemed to feel it too. She was waking up at the same time as me. And then the kicker, was my dream. A week ago, I woke up screaming, “No, no, no – Mark no!”. And I remember the dream so vividly, there was a little animal trying to come through the walls of my house and I was trying to hold it back. I had this board smooshing up against the space in the wall where the little bugger was pushing its way through. The little rugrat wouldn’t back down and I was like the girl in the movie, pushing a block against the wall so as not to let the tide overflood my house or the first gremlin or thousands take over.

In my head I thought, was the animal representative of some spirit here that I was trying to take over my place? What if I’m not doing right by my child in holding tarot sessions here? Are dark energies sticking around? I tried asking my cards and they showed me something troubling about the house but then when I asked about moving they said, NONONO. You aren’t allowed to leave. At least not for 3 more years.

What to do? Call that energy lady! So I set up a session and today, on the Scorpio Full Moon, I spoke with Christine!

Christine does her work remotely. So it started with a Facetime call. In some strange stroke of coincidence, rather in my world, clearly not, Christine appeared on the screen and I held back a gasp. She looked almost exactly like my friend, Kia. Kia and I were introduced by my Russian bikini waxer. One day as I described what was happening to me with the dreams and the tarot cards, while lying buck a** naked on the waxing table, Anya, shrieked, “I’ve got it. You must meet Kia. She works with Billy Crystal but oh, let’s just call her. If she answers, it is a sign.” Anya had me. What could I do lying there naked with a bucket of hot wax in between us. She dialed on her phone with a smirk. But by the 4th ring she looked a little nervous, would she answer? “I know she will answer.” She told herself more than me. “She is very busy but I feel it you must meet.” And right as I could tell Anya was feeling a twinge of defeat, Kia picked up. And the rest is history. Kia sees spirits. She sees deceased relatives and spirit guides. Kia became a guide for me in those early years. I would call her and ask her if things were normal. How to handle big questions in a world that was so new and foreign to me. What do you do when you have a dream about someone you read? What do you do when you don’t know if you should tell someone something you see?

So here I am staring at my phone screen looking at a twin of Kia! Kia, who would say, oh bring a raincoat with you to Europe, it’s going to rain. And then 2 days later when I arrive to Italy, our ferry was shutdown due to horrible UNFORESEEN storms. This twin soul, Christine, had my utmost trust from the start. Oh and not only did they share facial structure, they had the same sweet giggle that immediately brought you into such ease in somewhat uncomfortable situations – does my house have ghosts?

So as Christine giggled and had me walk around my house showing her from room to room, she would describe the energy. Charlotte’s room – this is fairy and angel energy. Very light and beautiful. The tarot room – “ah this has more of your energy. Not fairy like, but deity energy. This is deeply angelic with a warrior protection. Also very healing. What a perfect spot for you to do the work you do.”

That was like a deep sigh of relief for me to hear. I mean, I felt that too. Charlotte and Bettywhite(my dog) literally would spend all day, every day in this room if they could. It was healing! And the birds and animals hang out right outside my windows. Nonetheless, hearing it from an expert gave me an added validation that my work could be trusted to be done here.

And onto the bedroom. This was also validated when Christine had me take the phone straight away to the spot where I felt a little scared about in the middle of the night. She had me show her into my closet and to how that connected across to our master bathroom. She said, “Angie, this isn’t really a dark energy. This is animals. It’s as if there’s a tunnel underground or behind the house where they are running bath and forth.”

I was floored. Wait. “Christine! We believe there is exactly such a thing!!! We actually hear something running back and forth from time to time. We don’t know where it connects but we have heard animals there! Running and scratching!

Christine giggled her sweet laugh. “Oh Angie, you realize, you are dreaming and seeing what is happening while you are asleep. Your dream was probably what was really happening. It’s as if you see around you in your dreams. We will put some protection for you here but I must tell you, I think these animals feel called by you. As if they are your allies.”

I gasped again. “Christine!!! I am doing an online shamanism course and for the last month, I have been practicing calling in animal allies! Usually birds but I even called in PEACOCKS last month!!!”

Christine was just as excited as I was about the peacocks.

For the next 10 minutes Christine and I talked about the magic of the peacocks and how surreal it is to get to see them in your yard. She spoke my language. She got me. She let me go on and on about peacocks. I told her how much I wanted them to come back again. She said she wanted them to come back for me too. And then she gave me some beautiful guidance regarding my family, my relationship and how best to help those I love. She had such a loving way of describing what she saw in our fields of energy. And like Kia, put such love and positivity in her guidance.

We hung up and I walked upstairs to share everything I learned with Mark, my partner. I walked over to the side door and said to the dog, “Bettywhite, want to go see if your favorite kitty is outside visiting.” I could barely open the door, as Betty pushed past and ran like a lightening bolt down the stairs. AND THAT IS WHEN I HEARD THEM. WE HAD CALLED IN THE PEACOCKS. There they were on our front steps and well flew onto the roof to escape the dog. But they stayed all day. I gave up all plans for the afternoon to feed and talk to our peacocks. I researched how to make them pets. They showed me how they do their mating ritual. We enjoyed a magical Sunday funday together. And then one moment I went into the kitchen and came back and they were gone. Just like that. As magically as they’d shown up, they disappeared.

And if you can’t already guess, that is the magic of energy cleansing! It makes your space so light and bright and clear that you can draw in anything your heart can dream of….and for me it was the peacocks!

Angie Banicki is a high-profile entertainment publicist turned tarot card reader to the stars. What started as a hobby is now a full time job and lifestyle that is all about living with awareness and intention.

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