4 Tarot Spreads for Clarity

By Stephanie N. Campos

On May 30, 2022

In Astrology, Tarot

4 Tarot Spreads for Clarity

Tarot cards are the perfect tool to use to access your intuition. Whether you need a quick Yes/No answer or are struggling to understand a situation in your life that’s causing confusion, using the Tarot and various tarot spreads can offer clarity. Here are four Tarot spreads to try when you’re feeling unsure and need more clarity and guidance.

Clarity Tarot Spread

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about a situation in your life and don’t know where to begin, here is a  3-card clarity Tarot spread to get started. “Card 1 is pulled to describe the situation; Card 2 is pulled to give you insight on a blockage or obstacle you can’t see or aren’t aware of–something that is adding to your lack of clarity; Card 3 is pulled as either the final outcome or advice on what, if anything, you should do,” Maria Marmanides, astrologer, Tarot reader and intuitive, says. Try this simple spread out for yourself.

Card 1: The Situation

The first card you pull will shed insight on your current state: How are you feeling? How are you interpreting the situation? It can also be descriptive of the situation itself. For example, let’s say you ask a question about love, perhaps the Two of Cups or Three of Swords shows up in this place. It will offer guidance based on the reality of the situation at hand, and may also describe a bit about your role in the situation, as well.

Card 2: The Blockage

The second card in the spread will reveal clues to things that are hidden from you–what are you not seeing or not willing to see or understand about the situation? Are there particular obstacles in the way that you’re unaware of? This card can reveal some external factors that may not be super obvious on the surface.

Card 3: Outcome

The final card in the spread will share wisdom on the future of the situation. What is the most likely outcome if you continue on your course as is? If the card is action-oriented, it can also offer insight on steps you can take or possible advice to consider.

Advice Tarot Spread

If you are seeking advice about a particular area of your life or problem you are experiencing, try this 3-card advice Tarot spread.

Card 1: The Situation

We always need a foundation to start from. Pulling a card about the situation gives you a chance to reflect deeper through the symbolism of the card. Perhaps there are other angles or factors you’re not considering. Even though it may appear obvious that you know what the situation is, there are always more perspectives to consider.

Card 2: What Will Help Me Find Resolution

The second card in this Tarot spread will shed light on an action you can take or perhaps something you need to release and let go of in order to move forward. Is there an action you can take now that will lead you closer to inner peace?

Card 3: Intuitive Guidance

The final card will reveal advice, but from deep within. It will highlight your own intuitive insights and knowing that you may have been avoiding or have felt blocked from fully accessing. This will confirm or deny the feeling in your gut that you’ve had about the situation at hand.

4-Card Tarot Spread for Clarity

This 4-card, in-depth Tarot spread will offer deeper insight when it comes to gaining more clarity around a confusing obstacle in your life.

Card 1: What You’re Missing

The first card will reveal your blind spot. What are you missing? Maybe you’re operating from an egoic place and unable to recognize the full picture. This will show you what you’re missing about the situation and help shed light on something you should reconsider before moving forward. 

Card 2: A Limiting Belief You Need to Release

The next card will reveal what’s holding you back. What do you need to release in order to call in fresh space to make a new, healthy and aligned decision? This card will help you understand what steps exactly you need to take to remove a limiting belief or blockage from your life so you can find resolution. 

Card 3: Advice from My Guides

The third card offers general advice from your spiritual team. You can get as specific as you want on this particular pull. If there is a guide, angel or ancestor that you work with and whose advice you value, imagine this card pull is directly from them. It will offer their 2-cents on the situation and their advice on how you should proceed.

Card 4: What’s Next

The final card will reveal what’s next and the likely outcome because, let’s be real, we all want to know what’s next! It’s important to name that Tarot does not predict the future, but it reads current energy. Keep in mind that this card is speaking to what’s likely to unfold next based on the current energy and happenings of the situation in question.

Decision-Making Tarot Spread

If you need to make a quick decision, there is no better spread than the traditional Yes or No Tarot pull.

Card 1: Yes or No

This is a one-card Tarot pull. The symbolism of the card and your intuitive interpretation will lend the most value to this Tarot pull. This card will represent Yes or No–should you or shouldn’t you. Is it really in your best interest? For example, if you ask, “Should I go on a date with them?” And you pull The Sun, heck yes, maybe give that person a try. If you pull The Devil, you may want to reconsider or be mindful of unequal power dynamics that may arise in this union.


How should you prepare for a Tarot reading?

“It’s best to prepare by taking time before the reading to understand what question it is that you’re actually asking,” Marmanides, who outlines detailed steps on how to prepare for a reading in her book, The One Card Tarot Journal, says. “Do you want advice? Do you want an outcome? Do you want to just get general background information–or confirmation of what you already know?”

Intention is critical, as is having a clear-cut question, she says. “Think of it like you’re having a conversation with your spirit guides—and your spirit guides are like your cosmic best friends. When you’re talking to even your earth-bound bestie, the best conversations happen when you’re being open, honest, and clear.” Honesty with yourself is the best policy because you certainly can’t fool your spirit guides.

How many Tarot readings should you do a day?

There is no limit to how many Tarot readings you can do a day, but you should be mindful that you’re not over-obsessing about a person or situation. It’s best to stick with one question per topic a day. “You can ask questions about work, love, family, health, or whatever topic is weighing on your mind that day, but avoid asking the same question multiple times in one day,” Marmanides adds. “Especially if you’re looking for clarity, drawing multiple cards on the same question–likely because you didn’t like the answer the Tarot originally gave you or have not waited to see how the original card may manifest–will not help in gaining clarity. You’ll probably just get more confused and wonder which card’s advice or energy you should focus on.”

How to do a Tarot reading for someone else?

If you’re newer to Tarot and want to start practicing giving readings to other people, a great place to start is selecting an appropriate Tarot spread. Does your client want to ask about love? An ex? Maybe select a Past, Present, Future spread or a specific love Tarot spread. From there, if you are giving the reading in person, you can have the client shuffle the deck and think about their question and/or concern. Not all Tarot readers use the same practice–some prefer to not have clients touch their decks. There is no right or wrong way. Listen to your gut–this is an intuitive art. Once you pull the cards, start deciphering the symbols and if you’re doing a spread with more than one card, read the cards together like a story. How do the cards interact with one another? What themes overlap between the cards? Is there an overarching message to be delivered? Practice makes perfect, so keep it up!

How to introduce yourself to a new Tarot deck?

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to a Tarot deck is to sleep with it under your pillow. This allows the cards to absorb your energy. If you’re looking for a practical way to introduce yourself to the deck, creating a Tarot journal and writing about each card’s symbolism and what comes up for you as you look at the imagery is a great way to develop your own personal interpretations and hone your intuitive muscles. 

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