Spring Cleaning Tips

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On March 23, 2017

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Spring Cleaning Tips

No one really looks forward to it, except maybe bored Virgos. Still, seeing the neighbor’s trash can piled high with old, broken items is inspiration enough to coax most of us into our garages, cellars, and/or closets this time of year. Find your Sun Sign below for additional tips to make the project easier!

Aries: Aries, you are the sign ruling spring, so embrace spring cleaning with your typical skill at tackling new challenges and projects. You’ve got the speed and energy to make things happen quickly. Put on some upbeat music and approach each room as a new territory to conquer. You’ll do best if you finish your house in one day, as your patience may wear thin if you try to complete a more spread-out clutter-clearing. You might want to bring in outside help if your house needs more than a quick cleaning.

Taurus: You adore beautiful objects, pleasing aromas, and sweet sounds, and you choose possessions with great care. You need to take time with your cleaning and go slowly. You are an expert at taking care of your possessions so that they will last longer. Now is a good time to take things to the cleaner, sew on buttons, and clean your silver. It may be a bit harder for you to let go of things you no longer need. This is where an outside opinion can be helpful. Try to enlist the help of an Aquarius or Virgo to support you in your clutter-clearing efforts.

Gemini: You are a multitasker extraordinaire, so apply this skill to your spring cleaning. Talking on the phone or dictating work while you clean will help it all go faster. Although you might get distracted by old projects, photos, albums, or magazines, try to remember that the more you get rid of, the more new “stuff” you can take in. You probably have a bigger pile of paper clutter to clear than most, so try to focus your efforts on your desk or office to get the most out of your cleaning time.

Cancer: Home is where your heart is, but clearing clutter and letting go of things is harder for you than most signs. It may help you to invite family and friends over to sort out what you no longer need. Organize and label pictures and sentimental items to store away for the future. Take your time, and allow plenty of room for any emotions that may arise as you sort through those possessions that hold memories. You probably also would benefit from focusing your energy on your kitchen, getting rid of any old food, and reorganizing your cooking supplies and pantry.

Leo: You’ll get the most out of your cleaning if you make it fun. Throw a cleaning party and invite your friends, or involve your family. Provide food, drinks, and music, and make a game of spring cleaning. Your generosity and warm spirit will inspire others to help you, and you’ll enjoy the attention. Because you like to be the boss, you can assign everyone a task and give him or her a reward as each job is accomplished. Just make sure you remember to lead by example and give yourself a job, too.

Virgo: This is your time to shine! You excel at organization and clutter-clearing. In fact, you may get so involved in cleaning that you forget to stop. Remember to take a break, and pay attention to the needs of your body. Eat when you need to eat, and rest when you need to rest. Because you are so competent in getting the job done, you may forget to ask for help. Remember that you can rely on others and you don’t need to go it alone. You may also enjoy using green cleaning products.

Libra: You will enjoy spring cleaning the most if there is an element of beauty to it. As you clean, think of how you might move or rearrange things to maximize their aesthetic appeal. You may even create a new piece of art to freshen an area or buy flowers to add a touch of spring. Cleaning alone will make you droop, so make sure to ask a friend or family member for help. For you, anything done with someone else is better, even cleaning.

Scorpio: Scorpio, you will want to get to the bottom of whatever forgotten piles you might unearth in your home. Your real challenge will come from letting go of anything that has even the slightest bit of value or emotional significance. Take your time. You will not want to be rushed. Remember that clearing and cleaning will help you gain new energy. If you unearth any painful memories as you go along, let yourself feel all your feelings before you move on to something new.

Sagittarius: Although you’d probably rather be out exploring than cleaning inside, you may be surprised at the things you unearth when you approach your spring cleaning as a new adventure. Think of each room as a new country to discover, and consider that as you condense and clear, you are learning more about this unknown territory. Once you get your home base in shape, you are free to venture out into the world once more, unencumbered by past responsibilities and demands.

Capricorn: Tradition is important to you, so you probably do your spring cleaning at the same time every year and have a system for how you go about it – maybe you already finished yours! You will benefit from focusing on making your home feel safer and more secure. Now can be a good time to check your fire alarms, attend to any overdue repairs, and make sure everything is up to code. You may want to hire others to help you so you can do a thorough job that your sign does the best.

Aquarius: You’ll do best with spring cleaning if you do it with others. You may want to organize a group project of rotational spring cleaning among your friends. You can share the work with your inner circle while you all get your houses cleaned. At the very least, you’ll probably feel better if you use cleaning products that donate a portion of their proceeds to a socially conscious organization. Or have a garage sale with the clutter you clear, and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.

Pisces: Your spring cleaning will be more pleasurable for you if you view it as a way to connect to your spiritual side. Cleaning can be a sacred act if approached in the right way. Light a candle or incense or say a prayer, dedicating your cleaning efforts to the overall cleansing of the planet. As you work, imagine that all your efforts are lessening the suffering of those who are burdened by environmental waste and pollution. Use your imagination to transform not just your home but also the world around you into a more beautiful place.

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