Planetary Aspects for April 23 to April 29: Change Comes Whether You Want it Or Not


On April 23, 2018

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Planetary Aspects for April 23 to April 29: Change Comes Whether You Want it Or Not

A host of planetary aspects make this a busy week. The stars suggest you take the reigns in your own life, as this is a week where all signs may be pulled by other people, into situations they may not want to be in. Having a clear path ahead, a vision of where you’re going, and a commitment to your own moral code is everything. The week begins with Mars sextiling Jupiter, and ends with a Scorpio moon. Mood swings may abound. Here, how you can come out on top. Planetary aspects for all signs for Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29.

Monday, April 23

Take a Leap

When Mars sextiles Jupiter, anything is possible. Today can be an incredibly lucky day, if you play your cards right and lead with confidence. It’s an important day to ask yourself what you want, and honor your wishes. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself being tied up in someone else’s goals and ambitions. Remember, you’re the star of your own life. Act like it!

Tuesday, April 24

Make the First Move

Want to fall in love? When Venus enters Gemini, lust is high. Who cares if it’s a Tuesday night? Go out. Engage in some PDA. It can be a magical, glittery evening, where possibility abounds. In addition, Venus also sextiles Chiron, which can be a balm for a recently broken or still healing heart. Allow your heart the capacity to expand, and let love in today.

Wednesday, April 25

Okay, Back to Reality

When Mercury squares Saturn, some frustrations may emerge, or you may find yourself pulled in multiple directions or snowed under by deadlines. The good news is that Mercury going direct last week may make some things that had stopped and started in March finally get off the ground. The bad news is you may have moved on, and coming back to these problems, ideas, or projects may be annoying. The more you can muster enthusiasm and dive into whatever you’re doing, the better.

Thursday, April 26

Get Ready for … Something

When Mars conjuncts Pluto today, expect something big to happen. Ideally, you should be prepping all week — shirking off early in the week may come back to bite you when you least expect it. This is a powerful influence that rewards patience, preparation, and confidence. Whatever is coming your way, you deserve it. You may feel pressure, but remember that pressure doesn’t need to be bad, and can actually inspire great things. This day can feel intense, arguments may spring up, but if you look at the day as powerful (not scary!) you can come out on top.

Friday, April 27

Let Love In

A Libra moon casts a light on possibility. Whether you’re in a relationship, flirting, or just have good friends, today is a prime day to really reach out and make the most of the relationships and people in your life.

Saturday, April 28

Do You!

After an intense week, you may be exhausted — and no one can blame you. Today is a good day to just be true to yourself and what you want. If you work Monday to Friday, resist the urge to open your laptop and catch up on work. Self care abounds. Today, under a Libra moon, is a prime time to recalibrate some work/life balance and brace yourself for the full moon tomorrow.

Sunday, April 29

Feel the Feelings

A full moon in Scorpio thrusts passion into your life. Combine this with a trine between Venus and the sun, and today may be a day where you’re not sure of … well, anything. Today is a good day to not take anything seriously, remind yourself everything is temporary, and get swept up in the beauty and magic of life, even if it’s not exactly where or what you expected it to be.

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