Numerology Says Your Bank Account Will Suffer in August

By Ellen Ricks

On August 3, 2019

In Astrology, Numerology

Numerology Says Your Bank Account Will Suffer in August

Well, it’s official: The final days of summer are approaching (*cry*). While there are still plenty of hot beach and poolside days, they’re definitely getting numbered. As we slowly step out of our summer haze, it might be a good time to check back into reality—and your bank account.

Ruled by the number 8, the number of business success, style, and hard work, August will be about looking at your finances. Where are you spending your money? During the summer when our budgets are long forgotten, we may stop keeping tabs on where that cash is flowing. But no worries, the 8 has you covered.

In the shape of an infinity sign, the energy of the number 8 (even if your month starts off a little rocky) is always bound to come around. But August is also ruled by another number: 11. This number influences August 2019 because, as 2019’s numerological number is 3, adding August (8) to 2019 (3), you get the number 11. What does that mean? This August will be extra special because it represents intuition, compassion, and idealism.

Why Numbers 8 and 11 Are Important for August 2019

The quick answer? These numbers are about helping others! In addition to keeping an eye on your bank account, this month you’ll also want to extend a helping hand to those in need.

The 11 wants to help you discover your highest purpose in life and the 8 is driven enough to help you reach it. These numbers work very well together because while 8 can sometimes be self-involved, the 11 only wants to help others. Use this month to figure out not only your destiny but how to help others. Volunteering at a non-profit, donating to charity, or just being a listening ear to a friend are ways to be helpful this month. Let empathy guide you and lead you on your path.

Note: To find your life path number, simply add up all the digits of your birthday in a single digit number (August 8, 1998, you would add 8+8+1+9+9+9=43, 4+3=7 so your life path would be 7). 

Your Numeroscope for August 2019, Based on Your Life Path Number

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This will be a month of highs and lows, but fear not: You’re ready to take on anything that comes your way. Your natural leadership skills will become a great asset as you take charge of important projects this month. But don’t try to control everything—and everyone—around you. Work together with your friends and co-workers in order to reach a common goal. As independent as you are, you’ll achieve more as a team.  

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Your partnerships, whether in business or in pleasure, will be the main priority this month. Use your natural gift of empathy to help the people you care about—they’ll need you now more than ever. However, don’t get sucked into their drama or they’ll drag you down with them. Trust your gut in every situation.

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Having a little too much fun with your money this summer, 3? Your bank account will show it. Take care of your budgeting skills now before they take over your life. Your creative streak may be temporarily blocked for the moment as you try to get your everyday life in order. Hang out with your BFFs to lift your spirits if you’re feeling down.  

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August is a great month for you to start investing. Your intuition is strong and your business knowledge is on point. Whether you’re investing in stock, a new job, house, relationship, or simply yourself—give it a go! Celebrate your good fortune with your loved one.

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Whoah! Looks like summer may have ended a month early for you, 5. Take a break from the fun and take a good look at your finances and overall life, what are you missing? Channel your high energy into helping others—running a 5k for charity, volunteering at a shelter. Invest your time into helping others.

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Family is your focus this month as your nurturing side comes out to the surface. You are happiest when you have everyone you love together and this month may give you just the opportunity to do that. Host an end of summer party with all your friends to connect and celebrate life. Find inspiration from the people you most admire.

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You prefer your own company most of the time, but this month will force you to get social, whether it’s joining a group activity, working on a project at work, or getting involved in an organization. Allow yourself to be open to new friendships and points of view—you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn.

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Opportunities are coming your way this month. Use your increased intuition to decide what opportunities would most beneficial for you in the long run. Use the late summer BBQs and pool parties to network with other like-minded people—you’ll never know when a connection will come in handy.  Spread that good karma around by mentoring others.

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A humanitarian by nature, you long to do some good in the world. Put that passion into action by volunteering at an organization that you truly believe in. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll be learning some valuable skills in the process. Leave your ego at home though, you’re here to help, not take all the credit.

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You’re burning with creative energy this month, everything just seems to inspire you. Follow your passion and you’ll create some beautiful things whether it’s art, design, music, or writing. Maybe you should start selling your wonderful talent? One step at a time. Your friends will love your new passion and creativity. Enjoy it!  

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The weather may be hot, but your bank account may be in a deep freeze until you budget a little more. This month is about steadying your life, and lucky for you, this is the perfect time to build a solid foundation for the rest of the year. Start making some goals and take steps toward achieve them. Start setting money aside to help build your dreams. Invest in yourself this month.

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