Moon Magic: A Virgo Full Moon Ritual to Welcome Spring


On March 1, 2018

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Moon Magic: A Virgo Full Moon Ritual to Welcome Spring

Welcome to Moon Magic, a new column appearing bimonthly on After a moonless month, March begins with a glorious Virgo full moon. Here. Jessica Wiggan, tarot reader, astrologer, and transformation coach, shares a ritual to allow the magic of the full Virgo moon to shine down on you. Every full and new moon, Jessica Wiggan will share rituals, insights, and spells to make the most of these mysterious lunar transits.   — editors 

This full moon brings in the energy of Virgo connecting us to perfection, purification, work, and service to others.

It’s impossible to expect complete perfection for yourself but it’s also very healthy to strive towards becoming your own best version and striving for personal greatness!

The Virgo full moon draws our attention to the areas that may need some tweaking so that we can set intentions and work our magick to improve them. Virgo energy is known to sort and sift through life with immaculate precision carefully adding or removing the perfect blend to make the mundane magical and effective!

With this full moon I see the potential for you to zero in on what is missing or needed in your life to transform your experience into something far better!

Virgo energy wants to purify. This gives you the chance now to have an honest look at the dead or broken pieces of your life and replace them with new fresh energy!

The full moon delights in the idea of endless potential because the energy is ready to build as the moon continues to grow!

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo and is currently making his way through Pisces. He’s not fully comfortable in Pisces but this forces him to challenge his comfort zones… the same is true for you!

Mercury in Pisces needs you to connect to your vision, intuition, and imagination. Your dreams want to ground and seed themselves so that they have a fertile ground to grow and thrive in! The Virgo Full moon has dug little holes for each of those seeds of intentions to be planted and covers them in the rich soil and waters them to give them a fighting chance!

You’ll also find that you—or others—are highly sensitive to your environment and energy during this time. This is because the full moon sits opposite Neptune increasing our awareness of the vibes within ourselves, others, and our environment. If something feels off or toxic this full moon is going to work to make that known so you can cleanse it, remove it, and replace it with something more whole, healthy, and vibrant!

Saturn—the planet of structure and stability—supports this full moon and lends a strong hand giving you strength and power to make decisions that you know are for your highest and greatest good!

I see many of you thinking about your work and how you wish to be of service to others, making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, and also making more time to care for yourself!

Mars (planet of action) greets Uranus (planet of surprise) and together they surge you with the ability to act on the inspiration and hunches given to you as gifts from the Divine/Universe through your intuition.

Mars also sees glittering Venus in the corner and notices her energy right away! He is pulled to her magnetism setting off strong fireworks that we simply can not ignore! In your life this will reveal itself to you making you far more aware of what you truly want, desire, and simply cannot live without! Venus in Pisces truly is giving her best to us down here on Earth. She wants your life to be simply magical but in order for you to receive this you need to first be aware, be open, and set intentions that are specific! We’ll discuss how to maximize and work your intentions more below! 

Areas of Focus and Intent for this Full Moon

Work/Service to Others
Virgo naturally rules our work and service to others so work and daily life are areas that you will want to highlight and pay attention to. Are you giving too much to others to the detriment of the Self? Are you over (or under) worked? Are you happy and content with where you are at? Ask for EXACTLY what you want and need, keeping in mind that the more YOU are fulfilled and provided for the more you will be in a position to serve others!

Diet and Health
Virgo energy delights in perfect health and wellbeing and naturally gravitates to finding whole foods, exercise, and maintaining spiritual well being! This Full moon will be an amazing time to make positive changes to your diet to support your health for longterm! Your health is your wealth!

Wellness & Path Opener Ritual

Image courtesy of @BehatiLife

Start off by using smoke from palo Santo or sage to cleanse your energy before you start your Virgo Full Moon Ritual. Visualize the smoke as healing and completely cleansing, working to remove negativity and the things that no longer serve you. Be open to the guidance and protection of the Divine/Universe working to guide you to what will better serve you. This requires your faith and trust.

Next, draw yourself a detox bath and fill with healing epsom or dead sea salts. Add lemongrass, mint, or rosemary to the bath water. These herbs work to not only cleanse but strengthen you through mind, body, and soul. Also, this blend together is a powerful door opener to remove stubborn obstacles but also bring in blessings in all areas of your life!

As you soak, visualize what you want and need flowing into your life in perfect detail. If you are not sure, be open to what the universe has for you and speak prayers to communicate to the divine that you are open and ready to receive. Continue to relax in your bath soak until you are ready to emerge brand new. Collect and carry the herbs (if you used herbs) and bury them close to your home or in a pot of soil to bask under the light of the Full moon as it occurs. Watch the magick happen!—By Jessica Wiggan

Jessica Wiggan is the creator of BehatiLife, an online apothecary selling custom, hand crafted magical blends. Jessica is available for tarot and astrology readings, and also runs an online Tarot school. Find her on Instagram. 

Image courtesy of Dorian Legret. 

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