Moon in Aquarius was Made for Minchaite Tarot


On June 12, 2017

Moon in Aquarius was Made for Minchaite Tarot

Today the Moon is in cool and logical Aquarius making it easier to see through the emotional clutter and make clear headed decisions. It will feel as if the universe is shining a single bright star on the issue at hand. 

Today’s energy is one of the few days of the month where we can objectively look at ourselves and see how our unique choices have led us into our current predicaments. It’s as if we can step out of the emotional realm and see things from a more logical and objective persepctive.

This somewhat cold energy will challenge us to own our mistakes. Despite the fact that emotions still weigh heavy—anxiety, joy, sadness, pain—there is no place for being a victim while the Moon is in Aquarius.  We will crave resolution but today the traditional forms of nurturing wont work.

We need to think out-of-the-box and look at things from a non-traditional perspective. That’s where the Minchaite Tarot steps in!

The History of the Minchaite

Invented in the fifteenth century in Florance, Italy, the Minchiate Tarot is one of the oldest variations on the traditional Tarot deck. The word “Minchiate” comes from a word meaning “silly” or “the fool”.  The original game was played with 78 cards but expanded to 97 around 1725, which included 56 minors and 41 major arcana, with cards for the signs, planets and virtues.

Leveraging the wide acceptance of the Tarot, the popularity of the Minchiate grew. The deck offered a more well rounded set of influences including the planets, elements and virtues of being human. It was often promoted as a way to avoid unlucky circumstances and was valued as a tool to bring reason to highly emotional issues.

Eventually it’s orgins as a game were eclipsed by it’s value as a tool for logical resolution. Today, as we continue to try to navigate a world of unreconsileable emotions,  the Minchaite deck is especially relevant. It’s reimagined take on traditional Tarot make it ideal for for non-emotional truths and insight in a world riddled with chaos and emotional manipulation. 

Your Personal Star Reading

The Personal Star – Tarot Minchiate spread is a seven-card spread  using the Minchiate Deck. The cards are laid out in the shape of six pointed star with your energy card at the center. Each card specifically channels and helps you identify insight into you, your situation, strengths, weaknesses, dark energy, light energy, & the potential final outcome. The striking images of the beautiful Minchiate Tarot deck are rooted in traditional symbolism but carry a less judgemental tone. 

So use today’s Moon in Aquarius energy to boost the authenticity and insight from the past to create a more empowered present!

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