Mercury Turning Retrograde on Halloween—in Scorpio—Is Basically the Most Terrifying Thing Ever

Mercury Turning Retrograde on Halloween—in Scorpio—Is Basically the Most Terrifying Thing Ever

On the heels of a potent new moon in Scorpio, Mercury turns retrograde in this intense and mysterious sign on October 31. Mercury, the swift trickster planet of information and messages, will disrupt communications for two and a half weeks, calling on us to have patience while we take a deeper look at what’s in our blind spot. Scorpio’s domain is in the shadows, so finding words to express our deepest truths will help bring hidden matters to light. Commencing on All Hallow’s Eve, this Mercury retrograde may revive unresolved topics that have haunted us, so that they can be discussed, healed, and released.

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How Long Will This Mercury Retrograde Last?

Mercury will turn retrograde on Oct 31, 2019 and will remain there until November 20, 2019.

Which Signs Will Mercury Retrograde Affect the Most?

Most intense for: Scorpio and Taurus

Most challenging for: Leo and Aquarius

Most beneficial for: Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Virgo

How Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2019 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Don’t forget to check your rising sign as well!


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This retrograde calls you back into the details of contracts and paperwork as it relates to joint finances, loans, or inheritances. You may be trying to wrap up loose ends so that you can move forward, and the paperwork may feel very tedious. As an Aries, you want quick results, but take a deep breath, and use this time to find typos and skipped steps that could come back to haunt you later.


Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is an intense time for communications in your major relationships. As a Taurus, Scorpio is your complimentary sign, dealing with the dark underworld of the human psyche when you’d rather focus on the pleasures of life. It’s time to use your earthy dependability to show up for intimate conversations with your partner. This will deepen the trust and connection that you value.


Scorpio is your house of day-to-day work routines and health, so this retrograde is asking you to refine the details of your workflow and self-care. Gemini is a Mercury ruled sign, so Mercury retrogrades can uniquely affect you, as it sends your curious and playful energy into a tailspin. Take this time to breathe, to ground yourself, and to add some healthy structure to your schedule.

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Romance, play, and creativity are highlighted at this time for you. Mercury’s u-turn may bring you back in touch with a past love interest, or have you revisiting an artistic project that you left uncompleted. Mercury retrogrades are not a time for progress, so enjoy this pleasant detour into your imagination. Around November 20, you’ll understand where the daydreams are leading.


Just as cats do not enjoy moving house, Leos do not appreciate disruptions to their lair. This Scorpio season highlights some changes in your home environment, and reflections on your family origins. These shifts may be welcome, but can feel unsettling. Talks and negotiations about a new living situation may be delayed for a few weeks, but resist the urge to sign a lease, or make a decision before Nov 20.


Your house of short-term travel, writing, and connections with siblings will host some delays in these topics as Mercury retraces its path. A literary project may need some revisions, work trips may go on pause, or you may reconnect with a family member who has been out of touch. Scorpio’s themes are deep and emotional, so this reunion may be a time to clear the air and heal.


Temporary upsets may occur in managing your money, and this will challenge your sense of security. During Mercury retrograde, you will be ironing out the details of getting paid, and reviewing a financial plan to make sure it’s solid. If you have any questions for employers or financial advisors Libra, be sure to ask for clarification so that your resources are well managed.


As a Scorpio, this retrograde may rock your world. Communication as it relates to your core identity needs to be very clear, which may require digging deep into your private world to express your truth. During this very active Scorpio season you will be going through profound personal growth, so use Mercury’s retreat to reconnect with your authenticity.


Sociable and active Sagittarians may not typically be drawn to solitude, however Mercury retrograde into your house of meditation and isolation will take you there. Your thoughts turn inward to explore the mysteries of life, so this time will be best spent in retreat and contemplation. Scorpio’s moody world is strange to territory for you, yet it holds the key to understanding elusive parts of yourself.


Scorpio represents your vibe, and all of the support you receive from this network. While retrograde here, it highlights reunions with friendly collaborators and a time to revive community projects. You may have to rewrite proposals and rework the way you are presenting new ideas to your team. An old friend may come back into the picture to put an unresolved matter to rest.

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This retrograde may present some temporary challenges in your career, as well as a delay in advancing your public status. A promotion to a new role with more authority and responsibility may be back in negotiation, or you may be considering a whole new vocation. Because you’ve worked hard, pause to re-evaluate your goals, and use Mercury’s time in reverse to strategize a big move.


Long-term travel, higher education, and spirituality are topics up for review during this retrograde. Plans may be delayed, and you may need to consider other options before moving forward. It could be better to wait until after November 20 to book a plane ticket or register for a new course. You may revisit a deep philosophical or spiritual topic that you’ve explored in the past, finding new insights that eluded you before.

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