May 2021 Taurus New Moon Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On May 11, 2021

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May 2021 Taurus New Moon Horoscopes

Get ready for some sugar, spice, and everything nice, because the new moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11 at 12:00pm PT is serving us a lunar treat. This lovely lunation is plump with potential, bursting with pleasure, and ripe with the power to build something fresh in your life. These succulent cosmic juices are as sumptuously sweet as the springtime season.

This luxurious lunation finds the sun and moon aligned in earth sign Taurus, which inspires us to focus on tangible goals in the physical world. Taurus energy grounds us in the sensual magic of our bodies, but this new moon will find us tapping into our intuition with just as much potency. The moon in Taurus also harmonizes with dreamy Neptune (planet of fantasy) in Pisces, giving this lunation an almost spiritual air of possibility. All our senses are heightened (the basic five and then some), so trust what simply feels right when it comes to setting new moon intentions.

Alongside the new moon is a strong sextile between Mars (planet of goals) and Uranus (planet of unpredictable change), which adds some excitement to this otherwise gentle lunar reset. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly ready to spring into action or unexpectedly motivated to start something new. Taurus season energy likes to work slowly, but this Mars-Uranus planetary twist gives us just the added boost we need to really get things moving and shaking.

Your Zodiac Sign’s New Moon Horoscopes

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Slow down and start fantasizing, Aries, because this new moon is all about finding ways to manifest more abundance in your life. While this energy can be particularly helpful for buffing up your bank account, you can also channel it into creating more pleasure and connection in romance. Luxury comes in many forms, and you deserve to savor every last drop of it.


You’re the zodiac’s hardy bull, Taurus, but this gorgeous lunation in your house of self will have you emerging from a cocoon like a beautiful butterfly. It’s certainly time to spread your wings, but there’s no rush to learn to fly just yet. You can show off and express yourself from right where you’re standing. That way, you’ll be launching off solid ground when it comes time to soar.


Put down your phone and let the chatter cease for a moment, Gemini, because this earthy lunation asks you to journey inward and get in touch with your intuition. Skirt any big social plans in favor of some soulful self-care. A relaxing moon bath or a night of candle-lit journaling can help you get in touch with your core desires—and start manifesting them into reality.


You know you can always retreat into the solace and safety of your crab shell, Cancer, but this new moon reminds you that you can find a comforting sense of stability within the collective, too. Build bridges to new friendships and start organizing group connections—whether that means gathering for a social cause or just hosting a Zoom book club with your besties.


With the new moon in your house of public image, now’s a time to start setting tangible goals within your career, Leo. If you’re already doing something you love, plan the steps you can take to bolster your financial success or solidify your place in the field. If you’re not vibing with your current gig, honor your gut feelings and start building toward something new.


If you can dream it, you can do it, Virgo—and that’s never been truer than under this new moon. This mystical lunation asks you to combine your highest aspirations with your practical know-how sensibilities in order to broaden your personal horizons. It’s okay if your goals are lofty. By patiently putting one foot in front of the other, you can reach unimaginable heights.


Sometimes it’s difficult to detach ourselves from external distractions and physical comforts, but this new moon asks you to go inward and find stability within yourself. What’s left after you strip away your dependencies to people, money, and things, Libra? Exploring the depths of your soul, however uncomfortable it may feel, will allow you to reach much greater heights.


You’re focused on your closest partnerships under this new moon, Scorpio, and it could inspire you to take steps toward a more serious commitment—but not without careful and cautious deliberation, of course. Whether it manifests as making a business partnership official or taking things to the next level with a lover, you’ll know in your heart if it’s time to lock something down.


For a free spirit like you, Sagittarius, being forced to sit still and deal with banalities is like a mild form of torture. But the new moon in your house of daily routines is turning over a new leaf for your productivity levels. Instead of mindlessly blasting through tasks, you’re finding the pleasure in taking things slowly—and the power of being able to steadily knock things off your to-do list.


Being dedicated comes naturally to you, Capricorn, and this new moon asks you to devote just as much effort to your leisure as you do to your responsibilities. What do you do for the sheer fun and pleasure of it? Life requires balance, so embrace joy without it having to be “productive.” Stand firm in your passions and stand up for your right to enjoy life.


There are a million pressing issues constantly begging for our attention—but right now, Aquarius, it’s your heart that needs tending to. Trade out your wide-angle lens for a simple mirror and get real about what you see. Are you building your dreams on a solid foundation? Use this time to slow down, nourish yourself with comforts, and connect with your roots.


You have the power to speak your desires into existence now, Pisces, as this new moon offers you an auspicious opportunity to express your ideas and influence the world around you. You don’t have to say it first, and you don’t have to say it best—but so long as you speak your truth, your words will ring like a cleansing bell within the ears of those that need to hear them.

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