This Month's Libra Full Moon Could Make or Break Your Relationships

By Jess Wiggan

On March 19, 2019

In Astrology

This Month's Libra Full Moon Could Make or Break Your Relationships

March 20, 2019 at 9:42 pm EST is the full moon in Libra, also known as the “worm moon.” Why? The early rains of spring during this time signal the first signs of the changing seasons, as the dormant worms in the soil emerge and begin prepping the Earth for new growth.

But it’s not just the worms that will experience the beginning of new potential. This earthly cycle is a metaphor for the dormant areas of your life springing into existence as the Universe works with Libra full moon to take everything you’ve sacrificed in the passing months and churn it back out to work for your highest good.

What Makes a Libra Full Moon so Special?

Now, full moons are famously known for being the perfect time to bring about change. But Libra’s energy, with its connection to balance, equality, partnerships, and harmony, makes this particular moon the best time to capitalize on growth. That said, no matter what your sun, moon, or rising sign, the Libra moon will work its magic for you.

At the time of the full moon, Mercury (planet of communication) will be retrograde and retracing his steps back through Pisces. What this is doing for you is providing you a chance to restore the balance of your life-is there a puzzle piece missing that would complete the whole picture? The full moon will allow it to rise to the surface and Mercury retrograde will guide your steps so that you just happen to stumble across it!

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How the Libra Full Moon May Affect Your Relationships

Bringing the element of love and partnership to the forefront of our minds, Libra is the sign that gives us a chance to examine and review relationships of all kinds from romantic to platonic to and even business. Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius meet but the friction between the two is unbelievably strong and made clear at and around the time of the Libra moon. Because Venus (ruling relationships and love) is moving through independent and free-spirited Aquarius, you may start questioning whether your partnerships are holding you back from serving your highest purpose. So be prepared for the cosmos to encourage you to adjust, or potentially release, any toxic relationships.

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Mars (planet of ambition) in Taurus is nervous to rock the boat and even a little stubborn so this energy can reveal itself quickly! You may even feel like you’re butting heads with another person or group. Either way, this is a lesson that committed partnerships are a two-way street. Everyone has their unique purpose to serve in a relationship and boundaries need to be set in place in order to make sure neither person is swallowed up by expectations or crushed by the pressure of a partnership.

You Might Feel Super Lucky During Libra Full Moon

Luckily for you, Uranus (planet of innovation) just recently moved into the sign of Taurus and at the time of the full moon, it almost perfectly conjuncts with Taurus’s fortune within the chart. However, its serendipitous powers might not be noticeable to you at first. Because Uranus is lightyears ahead of the rest of the planets these changes may not make sense to you now, but they will benefit you tremendously in the upcoming future! Remember: any disruptions uprooted during the full moon are to serve a greater purpose. On the other hand, Uranus can also bring in an incredible (and stark!) stroke of luck… you may get a fabulous job offer or meet an amazing person who brings bright, fun energy into your life. One thing’s for sure, be prepared for anything when Uranus is involved.

Lastly, Mars greets Pluto (planet of transformation) which will create a surge of energy that’ll summon the courage to make moves based on what’s right for you. In areas where you struggle to find the words, you’ll suddenly feel empowered enough to speak decisively and openly; in areas pertaining to enforced boundaries, you’ll find the will to break free; in areas needing growth or support, you’ll be consumed with motivation! Feel this gust of confidence and utilize it with the knowledge that your steps are not only being guided by the cosmos, but when you make your decisions during this full moon new paths will pave the way to better places.

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A Cleansing Bath Soak for the Libra Full Moon

Seeing as Libra’s magnetic love energy might have you questioning your relationships, use this calming bath soak to help you center yourself when those doubts start to arise. The rose petals and lavender have elements of both beauty and love, while charged rose water can help enhance those energies that much more.

What You Need:

– Charged rose water or Florida water cologne
– Rose petals
– Lavender
– Lemon verbena or lemongrass

What to Do:

At the time of the Libra full moon, charge pure rose water or Florida water cologne under the light of the moon. You can do this by sitting outside in a spot where you can see the moon (if it’s cloudy or overcast and you can’t visually see the full moon don’t worry-just being in the moon’s presence is enough to signal that you’re open to its lunar energy).

Mix rose, lavender, lemon verbena and/or lemongrass in your tub with a splash of the charged rose or Florida water. As you soak visualize the aspects of your life that want to see the most growth and beauty, especially when it comes to love and creativity. Relax in your soak allowing the Universe to do the work for you, so you won’t need to lift a finger!

Photo courtesy of @eugenia_loli

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