The Unexpected Gift That Comes with Libra's Full Worm Moon

By Mary Bergner

On March 20, 2019

In Astrology, Full moon, Spring equinox

The Unexpected Gift That Comes with Libra's Full Worm Moon

There are loads of reasons to celebrate the full Worm supermoon in fair-minded Libra at on March 2o, 2019 at 6:43 pm EST. One, it’s the last supermoon of 2019 but more notably, it marks the start of the Spring Equinox! Mix this blossoming period of newness and possibilities with the balancing sign of Libra, and you’re sure to get a dynamic full moon with love in the air.

Libra Full Moon and Creativity

You’ll get a nice dose of creativity when Mars forms a trine with Pluto that same day, as the sun heads into powerful Aries—complementing this full moon’s calming nature. This driven yet helpful energy helps solve problems and strengthen relationships.

Beware of a minor hiccup in the form of a Venus-Mars square the next day that attempts to thwart diplomatic plans, but only if you give in to angry impulses. Things are much more positive when you get on board with this full Libra moon’s discreet, tactful energy.

It’s time to actively start using compromise to work toward the balance we all seek. The determined Aries sun’s drive will help you get started, allowing you to eventually incorporate the diplomacy of the full Libra moon to finish the job.

Libra Full Moon and Your Relationships

Relationship and partnership issues should be your focus now, as Libra’s symbiotic relationship with loved ones makes life extremely fulfilling. It’s time to look for people with skills that complement yours and make connections with those who can help you open your mind and expand your horizons. Finding common ground, despite your differences, is the kind of balance the full Libra moon craves.

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Want to get out of the love rut?

How This Full Moon Will Affect Your Sign


As an “act now, ask questions later” sign, you don’t usually spend a lot of time making sure the water is warm enough before jumping in. Searching for moderation is a big part of this full moon’s energy, though, and you can benefit from borrowing some of its balanced energy.


What others think matters to you, so you spend a significant amount of time making sure everyone’s on board before you make major decisions. You’ll benefit from this full moon’s tact and diplomacy, Taurus, especially when it helps you close an important business deal.


You’re a natural communicator, so Libra’s tendency to talk long enough to work things out is a good fit. Libra is a fellow air sign, but much more tactful than you, Gemini, so you can learn a lot from this full moon’s peace-seeking energy.

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Cancer and Libra agree—you’d both rather do about anything than have a confrontation. Because of your similarities, you vibe well with the balance-seeking, graceful and discreet nature of this Libra full moon. Arguments can easily be avoided by agreeing to disagree.


Your honor is very important to you, Leo, so you appreciate the Libra full moon’s efforts to get you out of disagreements with your pride intact. If there are petty disagreements or discussions, this peaceful energy helps you walk away before you embarrass yourself.


Practical perfectionists like Virgos don’t always mind the direct approach, which is why you don’t immediately identify with Libra’s attempts to get out of confrontations gracefully. You can appreciate the Scale’s efforts to find balance, however, because you thrive on order, too.


It’s not a big surprise that you flourish under the complementary energy of the full moon in your own sign. Finding that all-important life balance seems more achievable, now more than ever. You can move confidently into next month knowing that you made the very best effort possible. Sometimes trying equals success.

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Are the Libra full moon’s diplomatic ways any match for your intensity, Scorpio? Yes and no. First the good: You appreciate Libra’s tact and discretion. But the bad? Too much wavering between yes or no, good and bad. You’d much rather know the facts than make your decision based on opinions.


How does open-minded Sagittarius feel about this Libra full moon? Optimistic. You know that your adventures in life will go much more smoothly when everyone gets along, and you’re ready to reach a compromise to make sure the crowd’s on board for whatever comes next.


As a practical Capricorn, you don’t identify with this Libra full moon’s teetering energy. Libra wants everyone just to get along, but you know you can get the job done whether everyone cooperates or not. Try to see it from Libra’s point of view: compromising will make things easier for everyone.


You like to take an unconventional approach to life and aren’t very worried about what other people think, so the Libra full moon’s diplomatic energy isn’t easy for an Aquarius to accept. Your logical side sees the point of acknowledging both sides of the story, but you aren’t overly concerned with fairness that this full moon is trying to achieve.


As the number one sign of confrontation avoidance, Pisces appreciates the full Libra moon’s efforts to have everyone get along. Libra’s light, airy and gracious energy supports what you work for so much in life, and you feel comfortable being blanketed by its cooperative, compromising ways.

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