5 Magical Ways to Get Your Sexy Back

By Shereen Campbell

On July 10, 2018

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5 Magical Ways to Get Your Sexy Back

Shereen Campbell, an astrologer, intuitive, crystal expert and woman who manifested her own relationship (read her inspiring story here!) will share spells, crystal rituals, and astrology tips to help you find—and keep—the one.

You know that moment when you’re really feeling someone and you’re ready to take your crush back to your place? Your palms start sweating and your heart starts racing. It’s exciting because it is all about to go down. But then a little voice in the back of your head bubbles up all of your insecurities and ruins the moment. Ugh. We have all been there.  

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You may hear the voice say you probably shouldn’t have had that dessert because now your tummy might not be as flat as it was when you first put on that dress. Or maybe you’ve been out of the game for longer than you care to admit and you’re not entirely certain you’ll remember what to do. Don’t worry girl, it happens to the best of us! Thankfully I have some tips to help you not only get your sexy back, but get back to slaying all day and night. 

# 1 Essential Oils

Certain scents and fragrances can put you at ease while turning up the sensuality vibes. Add sandalwood or ylang-ylang to your oil burner or dabbing some on your clavicle. Sandalwood’s woodsy scent is a known aphrodisiac. It ignites our senses and helps us connect with our more primal urges. Ylang-ylang serves the same purpose with just a hint of floral that will still appeal to the manliest of men. The best part? Both of these essential oils have a relaxing quality to help ease those nerves and kiss them goodbye.

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#2 Candles

Candles are not just for setting the mood, they are also amazing vehicles for setting intentions you want to push out into the universe. Light a red candle and ask the universe to let your inner goddess emerge and guide you. Ask for you and your bae to get lost in your passions while you lose yourself in your lovers arms. Allow the candle to burn while you go at it. Just don’t forget to put it out when you’re finished since catching your dresser on fire is not the way you want to heat up the bedroom.

#3 Crystals

Feel free to slip some Red Jasper under your pillows as it is known to titillate the libido and help us connect with our Sacral Chakra, our power center for love making. You can also try rubbing it between your hands until it gets hot to help better connect with the energy. If you are feeling extra adventurous, kick things off by playing with a rose quartz yoni wand. You will be so blissfully zenned out after a few moments that your bedroom insecurities will be a distant memory.

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#4 Breathing

One of the key principles of tantric is synchronizing your breath with that of your lover’s. By breathing at the same pace, you increase your connection and will lose yourself in each other. Stare deep into each other’s eyes to take this connection to the next level. Remember that hooking up is just as much a spiritual activity as it is a physical activity. You are merging your energy with that of another’s. Concentrating on finding ways to deepen that connection is a useful strategy and will distract you from worrying about your insecurities.

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#5 Orange Sheets

Many disciplines believe that the color of our surroundings influence our moods and energies, as they can activate our chakras and aura. Orange is the color of pleasure, sexuality, and creativity and relates to our sacral chakra. Try out some orange sheets to activate this chakra and heighten your bedroom activities. You might find that you are more open to give and receive pleasure when orange surrounds you. If orange sheets are too much of a commitment, throw on some orange lingerie instead. Either way, a bit of orange goes a long way to help you kick out that negative Nancy from your head and get your groove on. — By Shereen Campbell

Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

Photo:Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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