January 2022 Full Moon in Cancer Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On January 17, 2022

In Astrology

January 2022 Full Moon in Cancer Horoscopes

The year’s first full moon is blooming on Monday, January 17 at 348pm PT, and it’s bringing our emotions to a powerful and cathartic climax. Taking place in its home sign of Cancer, this full moon asks us to dig deep inside ourselves and put everything out on the table — no matter how messy or raw. The emotional build-up of this lunation is real, but the cosmic release will be worth the work.

Gentle yet strong, Cancer is the cardinal water sign ruled by the moon itself. So, this month’s lunar highpoint feels right at home when sailing through Cancer’s emotional waves. Under this lunation, our feelings will be even more powerful and revelatory than usual, so embrace whatever flows to the surface. Don’t be surprised if you feel more nostalgic than usual, too, as this full moon could trudge up all sorts of sentimental memories from our past, rushing back to us in vivid color.

This full moon is facing off with the sun in ever-practical Capricorn, which is teaming up with underworld-dwelling Pluto for their annual conjunction at the time of this lunation. The heavy Plutonian influence makes this full moon a time of deep emotional excavation. We’re exploring in the darkness of our shadow selves and digging beneath the surface of our identities to find the feelings that lie at the heart of it all. Action planet Mars is also challenging us to take action, so find some cathartic forms of release so you don’t drown in the ocean of your full moon emotions.

January’s full moon might feel like an intense purge, but that’s a good thing! Instead of keeping your feelings pressure-cooked inside your heart, waiting to explode, let them spill out on your own terms.


You’re a pro when it comes to chasing your goals and crushing your competition, Aries. But what would happen if you devoted an equal amount of determination to nurturing yourself? By getting in touch with your feelings and working to release yourself from the emotional baggage of your past, you’ll find that you can soar so much higher. Look inward and see what you find.


It’s time to connect with your sentimental side, Taurus. This emotional lunation asks you to press pause on life’s distractions in order to find meaning in the present moment. The people, places, and things that make up your everyday environment may seem mundane in the moment, but through the rose-colored lens of nostalgia, they’ll be significant symbols of who you are. Treasure them now.


Are you getting back what you’re putting into life right now, Gemini? This illuminating full moon is helping you to see your worth more clearly, which might mean putting a higher price tag on your time. Understanding your value and charging accordingly is an act of self-love. While validation from external sources feels good, the purest form comes from within yourself.


Let it all hang out now, Cancer — the good, the bad, and the messy — because you’ve earned every last drop of your rich emotional experiences. This full moon is holding up a mirror to your true self, showing you the value in each and every one of your feelings. Acknowledge them as they rise to the surface, and embrace each of them as a small but meaningful piece of who you are.


It’s time to retreat from the daily grind and charge your batteries, Leo. This full moon in your restorative twelfth house brings an opportunity for deep healing, so long as you’re willing to let go of your need to be on top of everything all the time. Being on a passion-fueled hustle 24/7 can be fulfilling, but don’t let your wins come at the expense of your overall well-being. You need to nurture your spiritual side, too.


You’re a great listener, Virgo, so it’s easy for you to be there for your friends. But under this full moon, you might find that it’s time for you to air out some feelings of your own. Use this lunation as an excuse to connect with your group of friends and bare your soul. There’s no need to try to be perfect or put on a front when you’re with people who see you for who you really are.


No more mindlessly droning through your work life, Libra. This full moon is serving up a loving but serious reality check about whether or not your career is aligned with your soul’s purpose. What were your goals and dreams as a child? And are there still parts of you that want to pursue them? Don’t let your talents go to waste by pouring your energy into a legacy that isn’t true to you. Let go of imposter syndrome and embrace your gifts.


This full moon brings a powerful opportunity for spiritual and philosophical growth, Scorpio. Under this lunation, you’ll be better able to step back and look at your life from a new perspective—and this fresh point of view will allow you to expand your empathy and understand the world in a new way. Every experience is a lesson in disguise, and right now, the universe has a lot to teach you. Stay open.


You’re a free spirit by nature, Sagittarius, so you’re always ready to jump at a chance to jet-set off into the sunset or embark on a new experience. But sometimes, saying no can offer you even more freedom than saying yes. This full moon is illuminating your need for stronger boundaries and personal space. Get to know where your limits lie so you can enjoy exploring the space around them.


Being pragmatic is one of your gifts, Capricorn, but sometimes the complex emotions that arise in relationships simply can’t be put in a pretty or practical box. Under this full moon, allow yourself to fully embrace your illogical but magical feelings about love, in all their messiness and impracticality. Baring your soul to your partner or love interest will help to bring you closer.


Managing life’s many responsibilities can be tough, Aquarius, but you have what it takes to get the job done. However, ordering yourself around like a drill sergeant isn’t the healthiest way to get results. This full moon reminds you that you deserve to be treated with gentleness. You can reach your goals without sacrificing your wellness if you always put self-care as your top priority.


The full moon in your flirty fifth house is encouraging you to explore opportunities in your love life, Pisces. Getting more vulnerable with a romantic partner or initiating an emotional heart-to-heart with your crush can help to up the passion in your partnerships and bring you closer together. Love always brings inspiration, so don’t be afraid to devote yourself to the pursuit of pleasure.

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