Is There a Way to Break Up With Someone Based on Sign? Of Course There Is!

By Shereen Campbell

On March 24, 2018

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Is There a Way to Break Up With Someone Based on Sign? Of Course There Is!

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With spring approaching quickly and not one but two full moons happening this month, you might feel the need to do a bit of spring cleaning. Perhaps along with the clothes, shoes and accessories you are planning to gift away, there might also be some not so special someones you are ready to move on from. Well, this is the time for it! It’s almost summer, ya’ll, and who brings sand to the beach unless it’s some super high quality sand. Let’s be honest though, telling someone you are no longer interested in them isn’t one of the most fun things on one’s to do list. But, it doesn’t have to be as awful as you imagined in your mind. Lucky for you, love, we have compiled some useful tips on how to break up with someone based on their sign. Let’s get right to it!

When you call it quits with your Aries lover, opt for a private area of a public place if you can. Aries is known for spontaneity and passion, so it would behoove you to expect just that when they hear the news. Be gentle, love. Aries is a prideful sign with powerful emotions that come as easily as they go. By telling them in a place where no one else can hear unless you are raising your voices will keep the conversation from getting too heated. One thing Aries hates more than rejection is public humiliation. Finally, you might want to go for the ‘it’s not you, it’s totally me’ route. Let him leave with his dignity intact and maybe you guys can remain friends. Do not be offended if they say something irrational, ignore and walk away.

A Taurus lover digs rational, sound and practical information, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. When breaking up with your Taurus bae, be sure to have a plan for the aftermath to share with them. Be direct, honest and kind when sharing your truth. Let them know the pertinent details of how you’d like to move on. If you’re moving out, give them a timeline. If you had any significant plans for the future, be sure to discuss how you guys should handle it. These guys can be stubborn AF, so a solid post breakup plan helps to avoid a post breakup breakdown of communication. And do not stiff them on any cash, that’s a surefire way to end up on a Taurean hex list.

Be prepared for a very, very long chat with your Gemini soon to be ex-lover. Mostly with them doing the talking. Also, expect a bit of back and forth, that at times might be a little confusing, contradictory and will occasionally need you to break out your side eye. Listen patiently, allowing them to get their thoughts out but be stern with your final decision to end it. Eventually they will understand and move on. Or, not understand and still move on. This might be a good conversation to have in private, especially if you are not into other folks being in your business. Gemini is known for asking for others to validate their point. This will slow down your progress. Agree to be friends, Gemini makes for a good companion after being romantic because they will absolutely rebound quickly.

This little crab might take your breakup a little harder than you expected. Cancers are sensitive souls and are prone to clamming up with things get too emotional. But, you got this. Keep to the facts, keep it simple and get out of there quickly when you deliver the bad news. They might not want to chat too much with you initially but give them a little time to process the information and be open if they need to talk a little more. After that you might have to cut them off and give them a bit of space. Finally, if you can, go over to their place to end things. This will allow them at least the comfort of their own space to process their emotions privately. They will be okay and soon enough find someone else to give their heart to again.

This king of the jungle might not let his pride appear to be as hurt as it is when you break up with him. Be gentle, love. There is a fragile ego hanging out behind that façade. That fragile ego might even try to convince you that you’re making a mistake or that the demise of the relationship was due to different factors than you thought they were. Don’t take that personally. He’s just processing that you are over it and he isn’t yet. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter why he thinks you’re breaking up anyway? You’ll move on and in 50 years, you won’t remember anyway. Stick to your desire to break up and don’t let any grand gestures sway you otherwise. Yes, he might try to woo you into a change of heart. But you’re already up on game, so that’s still an L for him. On to the next.

Humility will bring you a long way when breaking up with a Virgo. Remember, they have incredible memories and can sometimes be critical AF. So, when you’re breaking their heart, they might pull out all the stops to convince themselves that it’s definitely you and not them without taking your feelings into consideration at all. Don’t sweat it, we know the truth and that’s all that matters. Be clear, detailed and direct when sharing the bad news with your Virgo flame. He’ll appreciate facts and details more than he will emotional displays. Private is best when calling it quits.

Libras are suckers for a bit of charm, so if you keep it kind, uplifting and rational, your soon to be ex-lover will understand. Take them somewhere nice, let them know things are just not working for you and you’ve been noticing they haven’t been that into it lately either. Tell them that you should totally just part ways, not waste your youth and find someone who can make you sparkle more than you can. They’ll probably agree with you and be excited for the change. Avoid being critical, this will put a Libra into full defense mood.  Plus, it helps that Libras generally have some other suitors hanging close by, so moving on should not be much of a problem for them either.

Strap on your mental armor and get ready for a battle that might not come until you don’t expect it! Just kidding, well not really. We have to be honest with you, a Scorpio lover is a tricky one to call it quits with. There’s not a best way to do this, as they will take it hard, even if they pretend you meant nothing to them. Private is absolutely a good idea. So is honesty, simplicity and resolve. Stick to your guns and whatever you do, do not let them mind f**k you back into their bedroom. Scorpio is always looking to be in control, to avoid being vulnerable. By breaking things off with them, you’ve temporarily taken their power away. They will be looking for it back. The best you can do is be kind, stay away and move on without flaunting it. That and pray someone else they can stick their stinger into comes along quickly to distract them.

If you can be kind, simple and direct, breaking up with a Sagittarius should be a piece of cake. Most Sags are not afraid of taking on a new adventure so framing it this way could make the conversation go that much more smoothly. Take them to do something fun and try to keep the conversation as light as a breakup conversation can be. They tend to be super understanding people until they are not. If they throw in an insensitive comment in here or there, try your hardest to let it go. Their ego is just a bit bruised. They will get over it and maybe even be friends after. Well, that’s only if you don’t mind being besties with their your replacement.

Most people hate feeling like they are being criticized, especially a Capricorn, as they might take it worse than most if that’s the angle you choose. When breaking up with them, take it easy on the pointing of fingers. Or just don’t do it at all. You will probably have to be the one doing most of the talking, so keep it short and direct. Try to settle any outstanding matters as quickly as possible, repaying and returning anything you owe, getting back anything you lent. At the very least, make a plan for those exchanges as quickly into the breakup as you can. Don’t drag this out. Capricorns are known to be a bit pessimistic so don’t let their energy turn you into Negative Nancy in the process.  You made your decision, your future elsewhere is bright and happy. Remember that.

Normally an email or text would not be the best way to break up with someone, but an Aquarius is one sign that might not mind so much. They’ll probably read your message and being their mostly detached selves reply back with their thoughts, accepting your breakup. If your soon to be Aquarian ex is a bit more old school and you just know they would rather discuss in person, keep the conversation as simple and unemotional as you can. Aquarians cannot deal with huge displays of emotion, it will freak them out. They are cool and logical beings, preferring to intellectualize their feelings. Try to start sentences with ‘I think’ and it might move the conversation along a little more quickly. They might try to keep in touch for a bit, but eventually will bore and move on.

Pisces might be a bit quieter than usual when you’re breaking up with them. Do not be alarmed, they probably have a lot to say, but are sorting through their emotions and looking for holes in your argument while listening to you ramble. They are processing your breakup and assessing if it is in fact the right next step. It’s cool. You’ve already made up your mind, so it is the right decision. Give them a bit of time to catch up. Remember Pisces is a water sign so they might be more emotional than most, but they are also highly intuitive. And most importantly, they don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with them. Tell them it’s over in the most kind and gentle way you can, then keep it moving. They might ‘check in’ on you from time to time, but won’t be horribly offended if you don’t respond.


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Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

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