Is It Too Soon To Have Sex?


On April 6, 2017

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Is It Too Soon To Have Sex?

Just want good sex or more than that? The right phase of the Moon may help cement your relationship bond. A New Moon will encourage your sexual relationship to flourish and grow. A Full Moon will bring out feelings you never knew you had. You may find yourself jumping into bed without any thought of what might happen next. It could be magnificent or a mistake.

Go For It
One group of aspects that you do want to look out for that facilitate romance are those involving Venus and Jupiter. This is a beautiful combination that will enhance your lovemaking in wonderful ways. If you are looking for the best planetary energy for that special night this has to be it! The energy will be warm and inviting, fun and expansive, friendly and inviting. It will be a real love adventure, and one that you will want to repeat over and over again.

If you fancy something a little more edgy and taboo you might want to add the energy of Pluto to the mix. You may be playing with fire, but you won’t forget the first night of passion and all the others that are likely to follow it. When Pluto enters the boudoir, you need to be strong enough to handle whatever comes up. There may be hints of domination, manipulation, and a few control issues. If you can take all of this in a light-hearted frame of mind you will have a great time. Don’t get high on power or on being the victim. Mars/Pluto aspects in particular can link to games of S&M which may be fun depending on where you are coming from, but could be disturbing if you are looking for something sweeter.

Good old Mars and Venus aspects, preferably a trine or a conjunction, are also great for a hot date. Desire is strong, and if your Mars or Venus also happens to aspect theirs you are certainly on the path to a winning recipe for romance. You will find it hard to resist the temptation to melt into each other’s arms. It will be a grand occasion that will linger on in your memory!

Better to Wait
Eclipses are perhaps the biggest astrological influence to avoid if you want to make that first time really special. He/she may push you into doing it sooner than you would have preferred to, with potentially disastrous consequences during eclipse times. There may be an element of obsession and compulsiveness involved which you cannot control. You will know it because there is a feverish quality about your relationship. Things will not go as planned.

Other aspects that you may want to avoid for your first night together are those involving Saturn. Venus/Saturn or Mars/Saturn aspects just won’t set the right mood. You may feel embarrassed, and your lover may be too shy to achieve real satisfaction. There could be a lot of fumbling and apologies for not getting it right. Both of you may want to please so much you end up being too tense for anything to really happen as is desired. If you aren’t established as a couple it could even ruin your relationship for good. So check your stars and make another date if this is the case.

Finally, a few random aspects worth paying attention to: Neptune aspects are so spiritual you may end up deciding to be celibate. Aspects to the planet Uranus suggest a one night stand which all boils down to the excitement and chemistry of the moment. Whatever happens may be fun but it will also be a flash in the pan. Then there are Mercury aspects. These are great for talking, but not so great for action. You may end up discussing your favorite positions, likes and dislikes, and yet fail to get it together. Or your lover may be very acrobatic but lack the romantic touch, which could be a real turn off.

So, in order to enjoy your first night together choose your aspects wisely and well.

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