How to Decode Your Dreams During the Full Moon In Pisces


On September 4, 2017

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How to Decode Your Dreams During the Full Moon In Pisces

Want to get to the next level in your life? Don’t set the alarm this week. We know, we know, summer is winding down, and everyone is gearing up to get productive again this fall. But if there was ever a week to make sure to get enough sleep, it’s this one.

That’s because on Wednesday, September 6, the full moon is in Pisces—the constellation most connected to our dreams, intuition, and inner voice. Unlike other full moons, which may help deepen our connections to others, a full moon in Pisces is one that helps deepen our connection to ourselves—if we allow it to do so. But the full moon also stirs up our emotions, even some of our most painful ones, and we may find ourselves feeling on edge, weepy, or sentimental.

The best antidote: Feel the feelings. Trying to escape them, eat them, or ignore them will only hinder the Pisces moon from doing what it was meant to do: help you manifest a life you love. Remember: It’s when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that we’re most open to change. Pisces are likely to feel this sensation most strongly this week, as are Cancers, whose guiding planet is the moon. However, all signs of the zodiac will feel the effects of the full moon in Pisces, and knowing what to expect can help you maximize your potential to make change, manifest goals, and evolve into the brightest, best version of yourself. This is all good news.

And it’s not all crying! There are huge bright spots to look forward to this week. Here’s why: The Pisces full moon can stir up feelings of sentimentality for the people who make us feel the most like ourselves. You may find yourself wanting to reach out to on old friend, talk on the phone with a beloved grandparent, or otherwise take the time to honor the connections and people who all had a hand in shaping who you are—and who we hope to become.

It’s also time, more than ever before, to trust your gut. Feel like talking to a person in line in front of you, just because? Want to turn left, instead of turning right, aka the same way you’ve gone to work for the past decade? Small or large, pay attention to where your mind wanders, and if you can, follow it—you’ll be surprised at where it guides you.

Because you may be ultra-emotional this week, it’s a good time to keep conversations relatively surface—even when reconnecting with loved ones from the past. And don’t read too much into what others say. In fact, it’s a great time to cocoon inward: The more time you spend solo, the louder your inner voice will be, and the greater chance you’ll hear it.

But, most importantly, this is your chance to truly dive deep into your dreams. Pisces is one of the most psychic of the constellations, and many people have prophetic dreams during a full moon in Pisces. Paying attention to what goes on, including the symbolism within each dream, can help you suss out the steps you need to take in life.

Here are some of the most common symbols that may appear in your sleep this week:

If you dream about an airplane…
You’re looking for an escape—but not necessarily a physical one. You may feel too tied down to your daily life and need some sort of spiritual escape, whether it’s meditation or finding time to connect to a higher power.

If you dream about sex…
Wake up blissed out? It’s a sign you’re going to get something you want (not necessarily sexual) from someone, very soon. But if the sex is icky, then it’s a sign that you may soon face something you don’t want to—and the best way to confront that upcoming issue is to be direct.

If you dream about escaping…
It’s a common dream: You’re trapped, running, and trying to puzzle a way out. The dream likely symbolizes the complicated ties that are keeping you stuck in your life right now. And if you’re caught in the dream? Someone is trying to hold you back IRL. It’s up to you to find out who.

If you dream about a spider…
Although spiders get a bad cultural rap, these are a good omen. Weaving spiders symbolize creativity, and may point to creative forces working in your life. But if the spider is scary? It’s a sign you’re making things too complicated and tripping yourself up. Simplifying things is the answer.

If you dream about hair…
Hair represents strength, and if you’re losing it, going bald, or its breaking off in the dream, some power in your life is being lost.

If you dream about cats…
A cat represents your pursuit of something you desire. Are you holding the cat? What you want is closer than you think—but if you’re chasing it, it may be a sign you have a few more things to do before you achieve what you want.

If you dream about a phone…
You want to reach out, but something is holding you back. And if you’re talking to someone in the dream, whether it’s someone living or dead, consider it a direct psychic message from them that they might not have been able to convey during waking hours.

If you dream about an ocean (or if you dream about any body of water)…
Watery Pisces sometimes sends this dream as a metaphor for your life: Is the water beautiful, clear, and easy to swim in? Then life is going well. But if it’s stormy, choppy, or dark below the surface, it’s a sign you may need to fix something in your life before you can expect smooth sailing.

If you dream about a dog…
A dog crossing your path in a dream can represent an upcoming challenge. The good news: You’ve got this.

Have a dream with a symbol not on this list? Look at our full dream dictionary here!

Sweet dreams!

Feature illustration by the amazing Dorian Legret.

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