Having a Sucky Day? Before You Complain, Try This Failproof Strategy

By Shereen Campbell

On December 6, 2017

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Having a Sucky Day? Before You Complain, Try This Failproof Strategy

Make 2018 your year! Here’s how!

Imagine this: A woman gets up in the morning and right out of bed, she stubs her toe. Her husband, walking through the bedroom door, hears her yell, dropping her coffee on the floor. Out of her pain from hurting her foot, she yells at him to be more careful. The husband feels hurt, he was bringing her the coffee as a surprise and only stumbled when he heard her in pain. He responds back to her in irritation wondering why was she so mean and leaves for work. He stops by the local deli to grab an oatmeal. The cashier hands him back the incorrect change. He calls her incompetent and complains to her manager. The cashier now feels embarrassed and disrespected. The next customer walks in and the cashier finds herself being short and snide. The new customer was pleasant enough, but as the seconds tick by filled with an air of annoyance, the new customer feels her happy mood dissipating. Different versions of this chain of events happen every single day. However, they tend to be difficult to track, as we are generally only small part of the puzzle and have limited experience of what happened before or after the time period we were present. This is how energy travels. We are all constantly interacting with each other. If you walk into a happy room, it is easy to feel yourself starting to feel happy. The same with a room filled with tension. Living among so many others makes us sponges to all sorts of energy.
Moreover, when we are not aware this is happening, we absorb this energy and then pass it forward, often feeling unable to shake it. This is why cleansing is incredibly important. Cleansing allows you to clear energy that does not belong to you from your personal energy field. It allows you to release emotions that are not yours so that you can break the contagion and stop passing along the bad vibes. Think about if more people were able to recognize when they are about to pass along a negative emotion to another person and stopped themselves.  How much better would our world be?
Well, our contribution to help break this cycle is to give you some magical tips on clearing yourself and your space. Check out 5 super, simple ways for you to cleanse and kiss that bad juju goodbye anytime you want.
Salt Baths
This is one of my most favorite ways to let go my troubles (or the troubles of others) away. Salt is a detoxifier that naturally draws out impurities, physically and spiritually. Sea salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom salt are some great options. Try to add some lavender or rose oil if you are feeling extra stressed. Any of these will also soothe your mind, allowing the process to also relax you. If you don’t have the time for taking a salt bath, but need a quick way to wash away those nasty vibes, a simple hot shower will do. Be sure to visualize that as you are cleaning your body, you are also cleaning your aura. Feel free to add a salt scrub to the mix.

Smudging with Sage
Oh, how I love the smell of sage! I always feel as though with each inhale I am taking in cleansing vibes and exhaling all of my anxieties. I can literally feel my body relax and let go. Sage is amazing for not only cleansing of your body, but also of your personal space. I am a big believer of burning some sage at least once a week, especially when new people leave or when you are feeling stressed. Sometimes I say a prayer of gratitude or a prayer of removing anything that doesn’t belong while I walk around my place with a sage stick.

So not only do crystals bring energy, they also absorb energy! I keep some Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz by my bed. Black Tourmaline along with other dark colored crystals tend to pull away negative energy from you.  Rose Quartz will replace your negative feelings with positive ones. I know of some folks who when they are having a particularly tough day will visualize their worries leaving them and moving to the stone of their choice. Just be sure that you cleanse (I like to burn sage) your crystals as often as you can, especially when using them to capture negativity. And, absolutely avoid touching other people’s crystals, you don’t want to accidentally take on some energy someone else just got rid of.

Full moons are a powerful time to cleanse tools, crystals and other objects. You can lay whatever items you choose on your windowsill or outside the night of a full moon for the light of the moon to cleanse it’s energy. The moon is at its brightest, sending us all sorts of energy to help us clear what we no longer need.

Burying an object in nature is a wonderful way to cleanse it. It is almost as if you have returned it to the earth for replenishment. This method should be done at least overnight if not longer. It will allow the stone or object to feel the earth’s resonance. Also, walking barefoot over soil or hugging a tree can do the same for you as well. Often because we live in cities, we don’t spend much time in nature. This refreshes our connection with nature and the natural world, allowing us to let go of the feelings or emotions that burden us.
Happy cleansing!
Image courtesy of Energy Muse. 

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Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

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