Editor’s Note: How to Find and Keep Good Vibes Wherever You Are

By Anna Davies

On February 22, 2018

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Editor’s Note: How to Find and Keep Good Vibes Wherever You Are

You know how sometimes, you enter a room and just feel the energy seeping out of you. That’s how I felt yesterday, when I headed to a coworking space to meet a friend. The room itself was bright, with plenty of rough-hewn wooden tables and sun dappling onto the floors, but as soon as I walked in, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Trust me, it was depressing, and despite the three cups of complimentary coffee I drank during my work day, I felt depleted and depressed when I left.

Later, I began wondering what had gone wrong. There was the guy next to me who was shouting at his laptop; the coworkers behind me having a heated angry discussion. There was the constant ringing of phones, dinging of texts—of course I had picked up on that energy, and of course the decor of the thoughtfully decorated office space couldn’t match the negative energy that had literally seeeped into its walls.

It’s a case of not judging a book by its cover. Instead of just looking at a space, you have to feel it in order to suss out its’ energy—which can help you protect yours. Every space has an energy, and some people cue in more—and are more sensitive to—the energy emitted from certain spaces. Offices and working spaces can be especially fraught; after all, work can be stressful, so even if you have a pretty easy day, you may be picking up on the negative energy of someone a few cubes—or even a few floors—away from you. And when you’re feeling mood-sucking energy, it’s important to have a few strategies in place to get rid of it. I spoke with Linda Lauren, a psychic, on how to help clear your energy, fast.

Psychic Linda Lauren clears the air by helping clients elevate the vibes they bring to a situation.

1. Meditate. Before you head to a place where other people are, take the time to center yourself. Take some deep breaths, and focus on your own energy that you’re emanating. Focus on the vibes you want to send out in the world. Do you want to feel calm, confident, and strong? Meditate on those words, suggests Lauren. Then, imagine yourself surrounded by positive energy, like a bubble, and imagine “zipping” the energy around you. You’re in a protective bubble that no one else—especially people with negative vibes—can approach.

2. Focus on Color. Every color has different energy, and every color has different energy for you, explains Lauren. “The colors you wear can protect yourself from bad vibes,” says Lauren. Before you go into a situation, take a look at the colors you’re wearing and focus on how they make you feel. For example: Black makes me feel confident and strong, and blue makes me feel calm, serene, and able to see the big picture, since it reminds me of the ocean stretching far into the horizon, where the little details all fade away. If I get stressed or feel uncomfortable energy creeping up on me, Lauren suggests focusing on my blue striped shirt or black pants to help me lock my energy back into my positive, happy place.

3. Clean Things Out. If you’re feeling like the vibe of your home is dropping, it may be useful to do a deep clean and get rid of things that make you feel down, or that contain “old” energy. Do you have a picture of your friends and you from five years ago that makes you compare “old” you to “new” you? Get rid of it and add a snap that makes you feel good about your life, right now! Lauren stresses that you don’t need to fully get rid of things—even putting something in your closet can help your energy be clearer and calmer if it’s no longer visible to you in your space on a day to day basis.

4. Change the Vibe. You may have heard of sage, which can help clear away spirits, but Lauren says that sage may not be effective at clearing out or heightening our energy. Lauren created a spray, The Vibe, combining essential oils, herbs, and Reiki healing to cleanse an area and raise vibrations in an area. But tuning into smells and senses is important. Using essential oils and scents that make you feel positive and happy can elevate the mood of a room and help you keep your positive energy.

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