Cures For The Winter Blues


On October 31, 2014

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Cures For The Winter Blues

Ah, winter. No matter what the weather’s like where you live, the winter months bring with them a mood all their own, and whether the Sun is shining or the snow is falling, people everywhere seem universally stressed around this time of year. Even though they’re sometimes referred to whimsically as the “winter blahs” or “blues,” they’re no laughing matter for lots of people who truly feel down, or even suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD). If you’re feeling glum or know someone who is, check out what your Sun Sign can offer in the way of a remedy.

Aries: You’re bound to have some pent-up energy, so to keep the restlessness at bay, you need to find a way to get rid of some of it – fast! If you don’t already belong to a gym, sign up and start working out. And for the frugally-minded, there are cheaper options: signing up for a few sessions at an indoor rock-climbing facility or taking advantage of your community pool’s open swim hours should also help lighten your kinetic load.

Taurus: Introverted Taureans love to curl up by the fire and read a good book, so the longer hours of darkness during the winter months don’t seem to bother you as much as they do other signs. Perhaps some quality time spent indoors is just what Dr. Doldrums would prescribe. Make sure you have a good book – one of the classics, of course – cook a good meal, listen to some good music, and relax as you feel the stress of the long holiday season begin to melt away.

Gemini: Your restlessness is palpable during the cooped-up winter months, and you’re always looking for a new way to beat it. You’ve probably already found a way to maintain your exercise routine, but it’s still important to make sure your brain gets a workout, too. Spend some hours at the library perusing a section you’ve never looked at before, or buy a book of brain teasers. Your winter motto should be: stretch your muscles AND your mind.

Cancer: If you had your way, your holidays would be filled with homemade meals and lots of family around. But if you’re one of the many Crabs who are separated from loved ones and feeling lonely, this is a tough time of year for you. Creativity is one of your strong suits; put it to good use when thinking of ways to be emotionally close when it isn’t possible geographically. A phone call or care package may not be the same as giving someone you love a hug, but it’s better than nothing.

Leo: Charismatic, dynamic Leo loves to be in the spotlight, but you may be feeling that other things have stolen your thunder lately. This is a great time to organize a party, put on a one-person play or poetry reading for an adoring audience, or gather your friends and family for a game of charades – really, anything to give yourself permission to be your flamboyant, dramatic self! Leave the space heaters and crackling fires for other signs; the only warmth you need comes from the glowing spotlight shining on you!

Virgo: Health-conscious Virgo is among the first to make big New Year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to fitness. Lucky for you, following your fitness resolutions is the very thing that can help break you out of your funk. If you haven’t already made a pledge to get up earlier so you can do what needs to be done and still get in your daily workout, do it now. Your commitment to start moving and stay moving is the key to making sure you don’t let yourself get too weighed down this winter.

Libra: There’s nothing like hopping on the bandwagon of a good cause to help pull you out of a rut. After all, you fancy yourself a justice seeker, so if you can help bring a sense of balance to someone else’s life, then you’ll get it back in your own – usually times ten! Do some research and find a worthy charitable undertaking; if you can find a way to put your peacemaking skills to good use, you should have that spring back in your step in no time.

Scorpio: You like nothing better than to have your house in order. So, those things that may have piled up over the holidays, such as bags filled with unwanted presents to return or extra decorations you haven’t put away yet, are probably driving you a little nuts. Spend some time making sure everything is in its place; once you’re organized again, you’ll feel a lot more like yourself.

Sagittarius: With a new year comes a new, optimistic outlook, but just thinking about the things you want to change won’t make them happen. While the weather outside is frightful, sit down in your warm, cozy space, and form a real game plan and then follow through with it. Planning an exotic trip may be just what you need to bring you out of the doldrums, but taking baby steps is key as you have a tendency to get overwhelmed with the big picture.

Capricorn: New Year’s resolutions made? Check. Decorations put away and thank-you cards written? Check. Everything alphabetized and organized? Check. Seems like you have your house in order, so why aren’t you getting that familiar feeling of self-satisfaction? It’s time to add some variety to your life! Thinking outside of the box might be uncomfortable at first, but you will really benefit from doing something completely out of your norm.

Aquarius: It’s going to take a lot to drag you out of your funk, but you’re up to the task. Beating the blahs is about reinventing yourself, at which you’re a master. Look beyond a physical transformation, though, and reach for a deep, emotional one. You’re a visionary when it comes to so many things, so why not reinvent yourself? Odds are that at this time next year, no one will recognize the person you are today.

Pisces: When you get too bogged down, you like to take off for loftier places. Sure, those places are usually in your own mind, but in order to truly beat the blues, you have to work harder at making your dreams become reality. Choose one goal you didn’t meet last year, and make it number one on this year’s priority list. Once you accomplish it, it will become easier to succeed in other areas of your life, which will, in turn, improve your psyche and refresh your spirit.

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