How to Use Astrology to Figure Out if You Have Secret Superpowers

By Virginia Mason

On October 17, 2018

In Astrology

How to Use Astrology to Figure Out if You Have Secret Superpowers

Have you ever wondered whether you have secret superpowers? Maybe you’ve thought that you were psychic or that you’ve magically manifested things and made things happen?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this kind of magic is real! Many of us naturally possess intuitive gifts, but because society tells us that these gifts aren’t real, we often learn to repress them so well that we don’t even realize we have them.

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I know this because despite all the little things that happened to me – like dreams coming true and knowing things before they happened – I denied the possibility of being psychic or magic being real. I repressed my gifts. As a result, my body became incredibly sick. By the time I was 22, I’d been diagnosed with three chronic illnesses, but once I learned to accept and embrace my gifts, all of my illnesses disappeared.

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That’s my story, and I have witnessed similarly powerful transformations for so many people in my life – from friends to clients – and if any of this sparks something in you, then please keep reading because I’m about to tell you a quick trick for determining whether you, like me, have secret superpowers.

What You Need

To begin, you’ll need your complete astrological birth chart. That’s that fancy circular picture of all the planets and where they were when you were born. (If you don’t know how to find this chart for yourself, I invite you to book a reading with me or any number of wonderful astrologers.)

What You Do

Once you have your chart, take a look to see if any of the following five markers are present. In my experience, every single naturally intuitively gifted person has at least one of these!

  1. A personal planet in a water sign: The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. If you have any of the following planets in one of those signs, then it’s highly likely that you are gifted! The planets are the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. And if you have multiple planets in any one of these signs (such as your sun, moon, and Mercury in Scorpio) or if you have planets spread between multiple water signs (such as a Cancer sun and Scorpio moon), then you, my love, are a super magical being! This is because the water signs are naturally attuned to the astral plane. They understand emotions and all things spiritual and are particularly aware of subtle energies that earth signs for instance often miss. Also, if your rising sign is a water sign, that’s another power marker!
  2. Having planets in the 8th house: Ruled by Scorpio, the 8th house is the house of magic! It holds the occult and all magical practices. If you have one or more planets in the 8th house (especially one of the personal planets), then you’re naturally predisposed toward working with magic and being good at it! The only exception to this is Saturn. Saturn in the 8th house will likely make you drawn toward magic because magic will have a lot to teach you, but magic may also leave you feeling frustrated and challenged. As a result, you may avoid it until you’re ready to face the challenges it poses.
  3. A personal planet in Aries: Aries packs one hell of a punch! It is one of the most powerful creative forces in the zodiac. It can create and destroy things like no other, and this includes making things happen magically! So if you have a personal planet in Aries – that means either your sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars – then you for sure can make things happen! This power is so strong that it’s important to learn how to wield it responsibly. Aries can destroy things as quickly as it creates them.
  4. A planet or asteroid conjuncting the galactic center: The galactic center is at approximately 27 degrees in Sagittarius. If you have any planet (or asteroid) that is at this point in Sagittarius, then you are embodying some incredibly powerful energy! The galactic center is a massive black hole surrounded by the brightest star dust. If a planet was aligned with this point when you were born, then you possess the potential to receive divine wisdom about that planet’s energy, and you are born to be a teacher of this wisdom. For instance, if Venus was aligned with the galactic center, then you can grow to be an incredible teacher about all things related to love and money and self worth. The tricky thing about this wisdom is that you often only receive it the hard way. In your younger years, you will likely struggle with the black hole energy, which hides the planet’s wisdom from you, but once you do the work to reveal it, the stardust shines brightly on the planet and its wisdom shines through you!
  5. Personal planets close to the IC angle: The IC angle is one of four lines running through the center of your birth chart. This one extends all the way down to the bottom of the circle and is actually the start of the 4th house. It’s also the powerhouse of your subconscious and your connection to your deepest roots, including all your past lives. If your sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars are close to this angle (within five degrees), then you are particularly connected to your past and your subconscious. This allows you to be aware of your shadows, which makes you more powerful, and it also means that you are able to help other people connect to their past lives as well! Having planets in the 12th house also creates a somewhat similar effect and is an extra magic marker to look for!

So, tell me: Are you magic?

Virginia is a New York based spiritual teacher dedicated to helping people remember their magical powers. Sign up for her Monthly Magic Guide for everything you need to keep your magic flowing! She also offers private readings and mentorship through her company, Fleeting Connections. Follow her on Instagram.
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