Your April Numeroscope: It's Time to Clear Clutter From Your Life!

By Ellen Ricks

On April 1, 2019

In Spirit

Your April Numeroscope: It's Time to Clear Clutter From Your Life!

Spring has sprung! Open up those windows and let some of that fresh air in. Don’t be surprised if you feel a certain itch to clean your house from top-to-bottom (or binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo). April is ruled by the number 4, the number of organization and minimalism. The 4 wants you to put your life in order: from balancing your checkbook to doing chores around the house. They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing.   

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However, this April is also ruled by another number—7. Because 2019’s numerological number is 3, and when you add April’s 4 to the 2019’s 3, you get the number 7. Seven is the number of introspection and thoughtfulness. Combined with the organized 4, this will be the month of major overhauls. You may find yourself clearing out the clutter of your life—both physically and metaphorically. Getting rid of toxic friends, giving up old vices, and some major “adulting” is on the calendar this month. Never fear, this is all for your greater good.  

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So what does April have in store for you, personally? Let’s find out!  If you don’t know what your life path number is, add up all the digits of your birthday in a single digit number. For example, if your birthday is August 8, 1998, you would add 8+8+1+9+9+9=43, 4+3=7 so your life path number is 7. Or enter your birthday here and we’ll do the math for you!  


You may find yourself a little off balance this month: running late to important meetings, losing things, and just never having enough time for all the things you have going on. You love being in charge, but it may wise to step onto the sidelines and regroup. You let a lot of things slide on your way to be number one, but now is the time to take care of your business. Do all the “unglamorous” work now, so it can’t get in your way later.   


You’re a sensitive soul and that can get taken advantage of by not-so-nice people. While you’re busy cleaning your house and other chores, look at your personal clutter, as well. Remove all the people who do not bring you joy in your life. You are a people-pleaser to a fault, but sometimes it’s better to be alone than with someone who drains you.  


Let’s be honest—you’ve never been the best at time-management, organization, or basic chores (when is the last time you even saw your vacuum?). You’re just a big kid at heart! Life of the party! Unfortunately, the party is over (for now) and it’s time for the cleanup. Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions are never fun, but it’s key to being a healthy person. File your taxes, do the laundry, call your mother. You’ll feel much better for it. Remember: April showers bring May flowers.  


This is your month to shine! While everyone else is scrambling to play catch-up with all the responsibilities they’ve been avoiding, you’re ahead of the game. Put the finishing touches on any remaining tasks and spend the rest of the month relaxing. This is a great month to check in with yourself and do some self-care activities. Take a trip, start a new hobby, or explore nature—anything to enjoy the harmony of spring.  


Your fun-loving attitude will be taking a back seat this month as you discover that even the life of the party needs a break. April will remind you just how draining the last few months have been: physically, emotionally, and financially. It may be time for some quiet reflection on your current situation. Are you living your best life? If not, it may be time to make some changes. Remember, self-care isn’t just taking bubble baths and eating junk food—it’s about doing the “unfun” stuff like paying bills, cleaning your room, and giving up vices.  


It’s spring and you know what that means: cleaning! You’re a DIY diva, and you love any excuse to redo your whole place from top to bottom. If you get the urge to clean and decorate—do it! Your home is the most important place to you, so you might as well make it nice. Repaint your house, fix your gutter, put in a garden—there’s no better time than now. You might even find it a little therapeutic.  


You’ve been racing against the clock trying to get everything done, causing you major stress. Breathe! You got this! Just take it one task at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself with the bigger picture. This is the month of quiet reflexion for you. Read a book, go to the ocean, meditate, anything that involves you and silence. You need this time to recharge and get ready for the months ahead. Deep breath; you got this.  


Your workaholic nature will get the better of you in April when you’re forced to slow down and take care of those nagging tasks you’ve been putting off. Those gutters aren’t going to clean themselves! It’s not all bad though, you spring cleaning efforts will be rewarded when you sell all your old clothes for a handsome profit. Your energy will be very low this month so try to get plenty of sleep. (And no, coffee does not count as sleep!)


You are a humanitarian by nature, it’s one of your best qualities. While you are a compassionate, giving person, you may be giving too much of yourself away—leaving you drained and depressed. It’s okay to take care of yourself. You can’t be a good activist if you’re burnt out. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally so you can take care of others later.  


April is the month to kick any bad habits you’ve been holding onto. Any vice you’ve been overindulging in, any toxic friend or lover you’ve been holding onto to—it’s all got to go. You’ve been standing in your own way for far too long and April will give you the strength to overcome what’s been holding you down. Reconnect with your spiritual side, it will serve you well.  


Big and exciting changes are coming into your life soon. However, before these changes can take place, you’ve got work to do. Get all your personal and financial stuff in order to make the transition go smoothly. You’ll find yourself very efficient and completing even the most tedious task with ease. Just keep going! 

Ellen Ricks is a writer and fashion blogger who loves leopard print. Photo: @burnningbridges via Twenty20

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