2019 Is Gonna Be a Big Year. Here's Everything You Need to Know!

By Ellen Ricks

On December 31, 2018

In Astrology

2019 Is Gonna Be a Big Year. Here's Everything You Need to Know!

The year 2019 will start off with a bang when Uranus, the planet of rebellion, retrogrades into Aries. This will bring several major life changes, especially in emotional and health areas. Luckily, Uranus doesn’t stay that long before turning back into Aries then taking up residence in Taurus in March.  

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The new moon in early January will bring a partial solar eclipse into Capricorn, making it an ideal time to start or grow your business. This is the time to follow your creative passions because they will lead to bigger and more exciting opportunities.

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The full moon in January is a total lunar eclipse in the first degree of Leo. This will bring unexpected events that can cause anxiety. Like the dramatic Leo, life will feel more hectic and fast-paced. Thankfully, the end of January will bring a period of calm as all the planets are direct. This will end in early March when Mercury goes into retrograde, bringing mayhem to Pisces.  

Here’s everything else you need to know:

Three Mercury retrogrades to ~deal~ with

Speaking of Mercury, the restless planet will once again indulge in three retrograde cycles this year in the water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio (March, July, October). This will create quite a splash in your emotional life. During these periods, you may become very sensitive to surrounding energies. However, your imagination and creativity will spike during these periods. Trust your gut and take care of yourself. These are the period to check-in on yourself emotionally and spiritually.  

Go out there and see the world

In 2019, you may feel the need to travel and explore. This is thanks to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and exploration will be spending 2019 vacationing in Sagittarius, the traveler of the Zodiac. This combination wants to broaden our horizons and to open us up to new ways of seeing the world. The universe will be pushing you abroad so if you receive a sign that you should get away (unexpected money coming in, study aboard scholarship, etc) you should take it.  

A pretty chill year for love

If you’re looking for love in 2019, don’t expect any dramatic affairs. The lovely planet Venus will transit Scorpio at the start of the year and will stay during the duration of 2019. Scorpio is pragmatic and Venus will make you look at any sentimental issues with a critical eye. You will able to find solutions to your romantic problems with little drama. Wise Venus will give you the knowledge and foresight to avoid games, drama and any complicated situations. 

Attitude is everything

Getting into summer, the new moon in July, entering Cancer, will be a total solar eclipse. This eclipse will bring a healthy breath of optimism. Positive influences from Uranus and a star in Gemini Constellation make this an excellent eclipse for enjoying the company loved ones and making memories. With hard work and a positive attitude, can turn dreams into reality.  

Flex those creative muscles

Twenty nineteen is the year to nurture your creative talents. Jupiter will square with Neptune three times this year: first in January, then again in June, and one last time in September. Jupiter squared with Neptune is a major planetary aspect that hasn’t happened since 2006, and will not happen again until 2025. During these periods, you will feel a lot of creative energy. However, you need to make an effort to develop your gifts to reach its full potential. This will require hard work and discipline; do not go looking for shortcuts.  

New energy, new opportunities

Toward the end of the year, the planets will bring you the lucky breaks that you’ve been needing. This is the perfect time to try new things and take risks. The risks you take will pay off with successes that bring new and exciting experiences. You will have the freedom to push the boundaries and explore new territories.  

Overall, 2019 will breathe new energy into your life. This year will bring to you an exciting journey of freedom, liberation, and a time to take care of your emotional and spiritual well-being. Embrace the creative vibration of the year and you will find an abundance of new opportunities.  

These are the general trends for all of us. Now it’s time to read up on your unique, sign specific yearly forecast. Have a great year. 

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Illustration: Debbie Stapleton of Holistic Astrology.

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