Lizard Facts


Alt Name: Seed

Mayan Name: Kan

Significance: Manifestation

Direction: South

Gem: Dumortierite

Color: Yellow

Friend: Serpent

Foe: Jaguar

About the Lizard Mayan sign

The fourth Day Sign of Mayan astrology, you are Lizard (or Seed). You are a natural entertainer, full of passion, and you make a powerful impact on others. You need a great deal of personal freedom, and occasionally need some solitude. You have very high standards for yourself and strive to achieve your dreams through hard work. Although you are an independent person, your family and friends mean a lot to you. Your brave, confident personality makes you a champion of the people, taking a stand for what you believe in. You can also be a bit too passionate and it's hard for you to be pulled away from them. Channel your desires and impulses into artistic ventures.


Passionate, Energetic, Dynamic.


Aggressive, Argumentative.