Jaguar Facts


Alt Name: Ocelot, Wizard

Mayan Name: Ix1

Significance: Ascension

Direction: North

Gem: Moonstone

Color: White

Friend: Eagle

Foe: Lizard

About the Jaguar Mayan sign

You are Jaguar (or Ocelot or Wizard), the fourteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology. Your interpersonal and intuitive skills are very sharp, and deep involvement with other people is very important to you. You are quite spiritual and strive to fulfill a higher purpose. You can also be quite mysterious, refraining from any blatantly open disclosures, making you a trustworthy confidant. You can be strategic and competitive to the point of seeming manipulative. Be wary of letting toxic people into your life, and put your energy into positive interactions with those who truly deserve your attention. Be conscious to let others speak, and be open to their ideas.


Intuitive, Clever, Sophisticated.


Introverted, Secretive.