• Alt Name:   Night
  • Mayan Name:   Akbal
  • Significance:   Patience
  • Direction:   West
  • Gem:   Snowflake Obsidian
  • Color:   Blue
  • Friend:   Lizard
  • Foe:   Reed

About the House Mayan sign

The second Day Sign, Wind, has a powerful life force. Mayan astrology considers you a smart, thoughtful, and communicative person, with great self-awareness and of your surroundings. You are also flexible, open, and idealistic. Yet you can also be indecisive and overthink things. You probably have a lot of interests, and possibly more than one occupation. You can master multiple fields of study. Try not to react to your surroundings or get wrapped up in your insecurities - you are more in control and accomplished than you often give yourself credit for.


Loyal, Faithful, Patient.


Conventional, Inflexible.

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