Crocodile Facts


Alt Name: Alligator

Mayan Name: Imix

Significance: Integrity

Direction: East

Gem: Red Jasper

Color: Red

Friend: Wind

Foe: Monkey

About the Crocodile Mayan sign

The first Day Sign in Mayan astrology, Crocodile, symbolizes beginnings. As a Crocodile, your personality is clever, creative, assertive, and you are full of energy. You can also be aggressive, dominating, and sometimes selfish. You are one of the first people to initiate new projects, make changes, or take a stand. You can best use your skills through cooperative, altruistic efforts like charity work, family bonding, and team building. You have also have outstanding protective instincts, making you an ideal caretaker.


Creative, Energetic, Protective.


Aggressive, Dominating, Selfish.