Year of the Ox Facts


Element: Earth

Direction: North-North-East

Season: Winter

Month: January

Polarity: Yin

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Lucky Number: 1

Color: Forest Green

Allies: Rooster, Snake

Foes: Goat

Western Analog: Capricorn

Steady and reliable Ox is the second sign of the Chinese Zodiac. When you need someone to depend on, call an Ox. These down-to-earth and sensible types are also kind-hearted and helpful to a high degree.

The Ox prefers established methods and regular routines. Ox people want to build for long-term security. They are dignified and self-reliant. This is a person who likes rules and expects everyone to follow them. They will love their family deeply, but have high expectations and can be quite demanding.

Ox will say what they think and refuse to compromise their basic principles. Although they are generally calm, on a bad day an Ox can be uncompromising, demanding, and emotionally distant. They are enormously patient, but will be pushed only so far. An angry Ox is frightening to behold. An Ox can also carry a grudge or hurt feelings much to their own detriment.

In love, Ox can be strong and straightforward, rather then romantic and impulsive. It takes time for an Ox to grow into an intimate relationship. Once an Ox makes a commitment, they are stubbornly loyal no matter what comes. They are worth their weight in gold.


Calm, methodical, honest, loyal, sincere, steadfast, popular, reliable.


Materialistic, rigid, stubborn, inflexible, impatient, narrow-minded.

    Yearly elements

  • 02/19/1901 to 02/07/1902 - METAL
  • 02/06/1913 to 01/25/1914 - WATER
  • 01/25/1925 to 02/12/1926 - WOOD
  • 02/11/1937 to 01/30/1938 - FIRE
  • 01/29/1949 to 02/16/1950 - EARTH
  • 02/15/1961 to 02/04/1962 - METAL
  • 02/03/1973 to 01/22/1974 - WATER
  • 02/20/1985 to 02/08/1986 - WOOD
  • 02/07/1997 to 01/27/1998 - FIRE
  • 01/26/2009 to 02/13/2010 - EARTH
  • 02/12/2021 to 01/31/2022 - METAL