Sagittarius 2022 Horoscope

As a fire sign, you have an outgoing, adventurous personality that is influenced by lucky, expansive Jupiter, your amazing ruler. Because Jupiter is partnered with intuitive water sign Pisces in the first part of the year, you get a chance to turn away from the things you sometimes distract yourself with and gain some valuable knowledge from doing intense inner work. Meditating and developing your intuition to new levels is what this deeply introverted and spiritual union is about.

Jupiter moves into fiery and passionate Aries in May before moving into a retrograde period from the end of July to late November (in Aries and back into Pisces), giving you an excellent opportunity to review and assess your goals and ideals. Changing directions won’t be easy now, but your time will come. Focus on opportunities to increase your abundance while being thankful for what you already have.

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As always, the sun travels through your sign between late November and late December, encouraging you to expand your horizons through exciting world adventures. What has been on your to-do list that you just haven’t gotten around to yet? This is your year to plan a birthday trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go—and invite a dozen of your closest friends! Life is all about what you make it, fiery Sagittarius, so why not spend the end of 2022 having the best time ever! Although you aren’t a big planner, you should make an exception for this trip of a lifetime.

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