Leo 2022 Horoscope

You love it when all eyes are on you, Leo, and you should continue to get the attention you crave for most of the year. Your ruler is the big, bold, hot sun, not a surprise for someone who constantly wants to bask in the light of their own beauty and accomplishments! As usual when the year begins, you’ll be experiencing the earthy energy of ambitious, successful Capricorn, which should give you plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself.

Wise asteroid Pallas isn’t influenced by your outgoing sign this year, but it does visit fire sign Aries from the middle of February through the end of April, so you’ll be looking for a fast solution to all your problems. You work best now in a leadership role or entirely on your own. The last thing you want during this time frame is for someone to tell you what to do!

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Your favorite time of year comes, of course, toward the end of July, when the sun returns to your exciting sign after a year of traveling, and you look forward to celebrating your birthday at some point in the coming month. You’re the life of the party, and your outgoing, playful mood helps you make the invite list to everyone’s summer celebrations.

The emotional moon adds balance to the sun’s ego, and the new moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius at the end of November lights up your fifth house of pleasure and ensures this lunation is filled with fun and enjoyment. However, you’ll also be called on to attend to your responsibilities over playtime, which can be a buzz kill but also teach you a good lesson about prioritizing.

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