Virgo Singles Horoscope

Love might not be a top priority this year, but you’ll make room for the right person.

Single Virgos don’t thrive when loving Venus is in Pisces to start the year, but you do get a much-needed passionate boost from the Venus-Aries pairing at the beginning of February. Switching gears into a more passionate, spontaneous energy isn’t easy but making the transition has great benefits. Use the Ram’s fiery competitiveness to win the affections of your crush, Virgo. Showing them that you’re willing to fight for their attention is a huge turn-on!

A full moon in your sign at the start of March can exaggerate your critical side, which isn’t always a good thing. Are you ruling out dating someone because of a very small detail? Do you find yourself discounting dates with perfectly good people for trivial reasons? Luckily you have the energy of the gentle Pisces sun to soften your edges now, because delivering harsh criticisms to potential love interests won’t lead to you being part of a couple at any point this year

Lovely Venus enters beauty-loving Libra, one of the signs she rules, at the end of October, infusing the autumn air with idealistic fairness. Balance is a priority now, so if you’re juggling a heavy workload or family life, it might be hard to fit a date into your schedule. You’ll make time for the right person, though—and the right person for you now will likely have delicate features and impeccable manners.