Scorpio Singles Horoscope

Good surprises are in store this year!

You’re good at being single, but with love goddess Venus entering dreamy Pisces in the middle of January, you’ll likely spend the next six weeks looking for your soul mate. This duo has a romantic vibe that’s hard to ignore, and you might find yourself crying at touching moments in silly rom-coms or looking exes up online to see if they’re single. You see the positive side of love now but being overly optimistic can lead to getting taken advantage of (one of your least desired scenarios). It’s okay to dream about your perfect love, Scorpio, but don’t abandon your trademark strong sense of self to be with them

Venus is at home in steady Taurus when she trines your co-ruler Pluto at the end of March, creating some extreme intensity and passion where you least expect it. You might find yourself suddenly thinking about a friend, neighbor or coworker in a way that never crossed your mind before, leaving you to wonder what would happen if you took things in a new direction. Be on the lookout for a strong karmic pull between you and a hot stranger. Love at first sight? Instant chemistry? Whatever you label it, it will feel like a bolt of lightning running through your entire body!

Scorpios looking to get lucky in love should recognize that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is traveling in hardworking Capricorn this year, so it might take some serious effort to find the relationship you’re looking for. A Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the middle of November gives you a sense of renewed determination, so don’t take your eye off the prize. Just try not to become overly involved in a crush’s personal life until they invite you to be part of it.