Pisces Singles Horoscope

What are you willing to risk to find true love this year?

Your love life gets a boost from the new Pisces moon at the end of February, as it finds you in a contemplative state after what might have been a turbulent last couple of weeks. This new moon helps you see the positive side of love, as well as the similarities that bond you with other singles. This is a very accepting time, Pisces, so the boundaries that have been preventing you from finding true love will be down. Will “the one” walk into your life now? It’s highly possible.

Lovely Venus pairs up with sensitive Cancer at the beginning of August, which is an emotional duo you feel comfortable with. Your guard is down now, and although you’re still shy you feel motivated to find someone to share your life with, which might mean going out on a limb occasionally. You’re searching for security and a strong emotional connection, and to get that you’re going to have to be willing to give it. Look forward to potential partnerships with beautiful strangers.

Venus enters watery Scorpio in late November, which isn’t the most easygoing pairing. Powerful Mars entered Scorpio’s intense waters earlier in the month (Mars is in Aries in early November), so passions run high in an aggressive way that isn’t always flattering to Venus’ loving nature. You want to know everything about your crush now, so if there are any skeletons in their closet, you’re going to find them. You know how to use all your resources, especially social media, to find out exactly what you want to know, but then you might use that information in the wrong way. Not being overly aggressive or obsessive is the best way to get what you want.