Leo Singles Horoscope

Make “fun” your keyword for love in 2020.

Powerful, sexual Mars moves into Sagittarius’ adventurous realm during the first few days of January, setting the stage for something exciting to happen. Relationships started now might be short lived, but they will burn bright. One-night stands serve their purpose, although your high expectations make it difficult for you to find someone who lives up to your standards.

The sun enters your sign at the end of July, highlighting your fun personality, so you’ll have an easy time attracting people to you now. When your talents are on display, you’ll be flat-out impossible to resist. Take note of the sun’s square to Uranus at the start of August, however, when you might want to change something about your personal appearance. Altering a trademark of yours isn’t advised but a minor cosmetic alteration could open exciting dating opportunities.

A new moon in your creative sign in the middle of August lights up your imagination and helps you think of new ways to improve your dating life. Life seems much richer and colorful now, and you might really want to experience it with someone by your side. Children can be instrumental in you meeting your soul mate now, so don’t pass up an opportunity to take your favorite little one on an outing of their choosing. Meeting other singles is easier in a light and playful environment.