Capricorn Singles Horoscope

Taking responsibility for the past helps you move on.

Enthusiastic Venus enters fiery Aries in the first week of February, getting things off to a sizzling start. This powerhouse pairing is impulsive and exciting, and just the jolt your love life needs to get off the ground this year. Your needs and desires are on your mind now, and you’ll be feeling a little more selfish than usual. You can try taking a “me first” approach to dating, but it might not work out the way you’d like. Yes, it will be fun for a while, but it won’t be long before you’re looking for more.

Venus moves into airy Gemini by the start of April, prompting you to sample all that dating has to offer. You’re looking for a solid intellectual connection so you’re more into potential lovers’ brains than their bodies. Looks still matter but it takes someone smart and witty to capture your heart now. Venus’ trine to Saturn the very same week puts the focus on long-term love, but again, you won’t settle. Your perfect match is someone slightly older than you who can teach you something surprising about the world or yourself

(full moon but not eclipse, in Pisces) A full moon/lunar eclipse in your reliable sign at the start of September calls on you to take responsibility for your romantic actions, and to stop placing blame on everyone else. If you’re still hurting over a breakup, the most freeing thing you can do is forgive yourself for whatever role you played in it. Once you take control of the situation and your feelings, you’ll be free to truly move on.