Cancer Singles Horoscope

Is this your year to find love, Cancer? Quite possibly!

Most Crabs don’t want to live their lives solo, and you tend to be envious of people who seem like they’ve always been lucky in love. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is in dedicated Capricorn to start the year, which means luck might not have that much to do with love at all. You can get what you want by working hard and focusing on your romantic goals. The exception to this comes at the start of September, however, with a sun-Jupiter trine. Considered one of the best solar transits of the year, you might experience love at first sight!

Sexy Venus also enters “look at me” Leo at the start of September, so get ready to be adored. You’ll love the attention you get from a new admirer or secret crush, and the amazing feeling of being desired and wanted can be addictive. Getting caught up in a whirlwind romance is probable now but throwing caution entirely to the wind isn’t advised

A new moon in probing Scorpio gives off some very secretive energy mid-November, and the mystery surrounding someone new is unbelievably intriguing. You want to know everything about them—immediately. You’re also a shy, often reserved water sign, though, so it could be difficult for the two of you to get to know each other on a deep level if you both insist on keeping your guard up. One of you is going to have to give in first.