Aries Singles Horoscope

Is it time to commit? The decision is completely yours this year.

The end of March brings one of the luckiest transits for the single Ram, which is the Venus-Jupiter trine. This is the exact definition of “lucky in love.” If it’s been a while since you’ve been this optimistic about love, it might seem strange and unfamiliar. Don’t back away from that happy feeling, Aries! You deserve to have a great time dating, getting to know new people and maybe finding “the one.”

Loving Venus enters emotional Cancer in early August, which is a sign she feels comfortable in and connected to in a special way. You will see the positive results of this special bond in your love life as you feel motivated to find more loving, committed partnerships. If you’ve had enough of playing the field, this transit will be a very welcome one

Romantic Venus spends time in adventurous kindred fire sign Sagittarius mid-December, at which point your heart should be ready to come out of hiding. You sometimes bounce from one-night stand to the next, but what’s really going on in that heart of yours? Venus in Sagittarius will find out. It’s hard to cover up what you’re truly feeling during this transit that likes to see love grow. And if you’ve been stuck between “will we or won’t we,” it’s time to decide or move on for good, Aries.