Aquarius Singles Horoscope

Love is hard to resist when the right one comes along.

A new moon in your intelligent sign at the end of January indicates good things to come for your love life this year, Aquarius. This lunation stirs up your inner rebellion and is the spark that can cause you to finally make those changes you’ve been thinking about. New moons are a great time to meet new people/start new relationships, and this one urges you to look beyond your usual type. Stepping outside the box now sets an exciting, rebellious tone for the year

Passionate Mars enters your freedom-loving sign at the end of March, which could indicate you’ll be searching for a lot of meaningless hookups. Which, if you’re emotionally capable of dealing with them in a healthy way, there’s nothing wrong with! You won’t want to be tied down now, especially by anyone who wants to change who you are. You’re unique and special, and anyone who can’t see that isn’t a good long-term fit anyway. Celebrate your own way of doing things, Aquarius. And if there’s no one out there who will put up with that right now, enjoy living the single life.

Loving Venus enters emotional Cancer at the start of August, changing the mood quite a bit. It’s hard to resist love when it comes knocking on your door during this loving transit, especially if you meet someone who is compassionate and nurturing who wants to take care of you. Genuine TLC is hard to pass up for anyone, Aquarius, even a confirmed “I might stay single forever” type like yourself.