Pisces Couples Horoscope

Is it time to take love in a new direction this year?

Intuitive Uranus enters conservative Taurus at the beginning of March, which isn't the most comfortable pairing and can send out some questionable energy. What does this mean for your relationship? It's going to take some work to get through this one. You'll probably come out of this aspect knowing exactly how committed you are to each other. When people say love takes work, it's times like these that they're talking about!

A full (blue) moon in kindred water sign Scorpio in mid-May is a somewhat rare occurrence and can be a very special time for your relationship. The full moon's effects are long-lasting, so whatever you experience now may linger for a while. One thing this moon is all about is intensity. Extreme feelings - whether positive or negative - need to be embraced. If there's a lot of pressure or stress surrounding you, look for the root cause and try to find a way to work through it in a constructive (healthy, physical) way.

You have a full moon in your own sign to look forward to in mid-September, indicating a good time to let your intuition guide you in matters of the heart. The answer to a question you've been asking might materialize in a dream, so pay close attention to the information your subconscious is trying to deliver. Autumn is a good time for meditating and performing love-related rituals, so don't miss out on this full moon opportunity to pick up on signs that you're headed in the right direction.