Taurus is tops on the reliability scale!

Taurus is tops on the reliability scale!

Everyone who has a Taurus friend knows how reliable your sign can be. If a car breaks down, you're there to help. If they need someone to help them move, you're there with a smile while others make excuses and don't show up. Your reliability is world-renowned, Ram.

Others turn to you for advice ranging from love to money and work. You can't help it that you know so much about the ways of the world. You've spent enough time figuring it out, and are only too happy to help others in need. Not that you would mind those late night calls stopping anytime soon.

So, when you need time just for you, don't feel guilty. You can't save the world AND have your own fun me-time. Choose which times you really can and want to help, and when you might need a break.

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