Melding job and passion, Taurus's ideal mix...

Melding job and passion, Taurus's ideal mix...

You crave stability in your work. Today's up-and-down job market can be disconcerting to someone who'd prefer to stay in one place for 25 years, collect the gold watch, and retire to a comfortable pension. Sad to say, those days are gone.

If your dislike of change is keeping you in a less-than-ideal job, broaden your options. Don't give up the regular paycheck, but look at a cause that moves you, such as your local food bank or school arts program. Propose a way that your company can collaborate with the nonprofit.

One of your key strengths is your ability to stay rational and serious, yet bring in a wildly new idea and make it work with the tried-and-true methods. Everyone (including you) wins!

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