Taurus' best outfits requires two key elements...

Taurus' best outfits requires two key elements...

For you, comfort is king. Sure, you'd like to try those sky-high heels or leather tops, but will you be able to relax in them? Your sign, ruled by beauty-loving Venus, loves to look and feel good. But if what you wear doesn't fit into your comfort-seeking lifestyle, they're of no use to you.

The secret to being fashionable yet comfortable is choosing clothing that's not too clingy. Fabrics that drape are your friends, because they allow you to move around and not feel too constricted. Go for a boat or cowl neck to create the illusion of space.

When you are intrigued by a more fashion-forward yet less comfortable style, think short-term. Pack those killer shoes in a bag but wear comfy shoes to walk in until you need to pull out all the stops.

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