Signs you should take a trip with your S.O.

Signs you should take a trip with your S.O.

Ah, romantic bliss... when you’re falling for someone, you want to spend every moment together. But are you truly ready for spending more than just a long date in each other’s company? Taking your first vacation as a couple can make or break the relationship. These tell you that you ARE ready:

- You have equal give and take. You share with each other. You listen, but can talk openly to your partner as well. One isn’t putting in more or less effort to make the relationship work than the other.
- You fight fair. And you have had fights. If you’ve expressed zero conflict or annoyances with each other or have blow-up fights already, a vacation is likely to bring out these tensions.
- You are both kind and compassionate towards each other AND others. Your partner is polite and friendly to strangers and friends alike.
- You’re both keen to explore new places and meet new people.

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