Gifts you should NOT give to a Capricorn

Gifts you should NOT give to a Capricorn

‘Tis the season of giving... but sometimes, “you really shouldn’t have” is more than a polite way of saying you’re touched. If you give a Capricorn one of these, they are probably already planning the return or re-gifting in their head!

1. A craft project. From adult coloring books to a DIY kit, we see this as one more thing we don’t have time to do!
2. Tickets to an event we haven’t explicitly asked for. Our time is precious and or leisure time is never enough, so when we want to attend an event, we want to decide the what, when, where, and with whom.
3. Zen overkill. We appreciate a nice calming aromatherapy candle or a massage, but when you add a whole wellness package to the mix (essential oils, self help books, the number of a therapist), we will be offended. What, you think we need to chill out? How about taking some work off our hands instead!-

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