2017 directs Rams into a completely new direction…

2017 directs Rams into a completely new direction…

The new year is almost here! How ready are you, Aries? I bet that, like me, you are more than ready to face the year ahead with enthusiasm and excitement.

Don’t forget to read our sign’s yearly forecast, but first, read the major trends for the year ahead:

Mars, our ruling planet, is extremely active all year long, meaning we will be healthy and will have the energy to tackle anything that crosses our path.
Venus will be retrograde in our sign. If you feel like your love life is slowing down, don’t panic. The star of love is giving us a chance to put our emotional needs in order.
• If you are single and looking, go with the flow. If you have a partner, springtime will be the most rewarding time of the year.
Career-wise, Aries will be in a good position all year long but especially at year’s end, when your focus on your career sharpens.

Read the whole forecast here.

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